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  1. My band is reorganizing (the guy with the PA left!), so we are building FOH and monitor systems pretty much from scratch. I own a CE-1000, which I use in my bass rig, so I am partial to the CE-series. We want to start out with two amps, one for FOH and another for monitors and practice PA. We will start out with a basic speaker setup (2 mains / 2 monitors) and add additional speakers and amps as finances allow. I was thinking a CE 1000 for monitoring and a 2000 for the mains but any advice is welcome! Questions are: 1)Can a CE-1000 safely drive in stereo a pair of 8-ohm, 275-watt RMS speakers, what about adding two more daisy-chained? 2)Same question for CE-2000. Thanks for the help. We aren't sound guys by a long shot!