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    music music music! ( i play acoustic guitar and sing) lately, i have had the very tedious chore of taking the crash course on sound operations, although i never intended to make it a full time hobby! when do i get to get back to the music??
  1. hi bud thanks for the great input! i have been in a discussion forum at harmony central (these guys know their stuff, but converting it to english? consider me a preschooler! i got called clueless! )well, like i told them, when it comes to this stuff i am, which is why i am on these forums to begin with! don't want to blow myself or my equipment up! help from the pros? i'll take it! i'm a chick- i ain't afraid to ask for directions! wait till i start asking for wiring diagrams! anyhow, my band's name is jane dough, newly expanded from an acoustic duo to five freaks playing acoustic plugged-in mayhem! our two newest members (the percussion / keys section go figure )(no offense !) want funk not folk but we currently do some dylan, grateful dead, bluegrass/ old time , blues, and originals, as well as other stuff along those lines. the boys in the back want funk, and i mistakenly picked up a bass at practice the other day- oh boy, here we go! with three leos in the mix, everyone's trying to drive! (luckily, i'm one, too! ) we're usually a little harder than coffee shop stuff, people who hear our demo often think we're on electrics, but we aren't! those are really callus driven riffs! i can put a cig out with my fingers on my left hand! anyhow, gotta run! i'll absorb all your advice and return to the trenches here in a bit ! cu there!
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------thank you- what are the advantages of "bi-amping" vs. "passive"amping? I'm confused about this stereo thing, but my buddy's band sounds great with this method... i currently have a Kustom amp (borrowing but afraid to apply) that rates as follows:4 ohm min. load, 120 v,200 w, 260 wrms.... no clue what this means- will it blow my system to test it through this ? i haven't tried it yet....the speakers are rated at 600w each...thanks for your interest in my multiple problems/questions!
  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! update: oops looks like i forgot some thing: for the speakers- sensitivity:97dBl SPL* *1 watt (2.83V RMS) @ 1 meter ********************************************************************sorry, I hope I'm in the right forum for this discussion!
  4. hello! i am a new member to this forum, and i have a lot of questions! hopefully you guys can/will help me, because my brain hurts! Anyhow, here's the deal: i have a yamaha mg32/14fx non-powered mixer, and two jbl as4725anw 2-way pa cabs. i have been largely unsuccessful at obtaining info on the speakers, although i luckily stumbled across a pdf for the specs. i know less is more, but i'm not sure what specs you guys need for these items to proceed with helping me choose the right amp, so here goes... ******************************************************************** Specs for mixer: Power supply:120v AC, 60 Hz Power consumption:120w Frequency characteristics(Master output):20Hz-20kHz+1 dB,-3dB@+dBu, 600(ohms? the little horseshoe thing [sorry, i'm a musician, not a sound guy!] )(with gain set at min) Total harmonic distortion:</=0.1%(THD+N)@+14dBu, 20Hz-20kHz, 600(little upsid down horseshoes ) Sensitivity:-60dBu Hum and Noise:(20Hz-20kHz) _____________________________________________________________________ Specs for cabs: Nominal impedance:8 ohms Power capacity: 600w con't. pink noise Freq. range:35Hz to 18kHz(-10dB) Sensitivity: 97 dB SPL(1 watt @ 1 meter) crossover freq.:1.1kHz DC resistance: 3.2 ohms+/- 8% Aluminum wire Hi freq transducer:25mm. 1 in. exit pure titanium compression driver ******************************************************************** well, there you have it! i hope that you can help me- i've never really had the responsibility of sound man(woman, actually ), so any good advice would be greatly appreciated! i think(? ) i have fairly good equipment and do not want to screw it up!my buddy has great sound for his band and not only reccomended that i go stereo as opposed to mono through the board, which i guess requires two power amps, but he also highly recommended you guys to get the job done. hope i gave you enough info, and if anyone knows a thing about those cabs, pass it on! i couldn't find anything but the spec manual online. (this whole rig is obviously brand new to me, tips or feedback appreciated!) i just want it to run perfect and sound like a million bucks! not too much to ask, right? well, you guys are the experts, and as long as the advice is sound ( and i can afford to), i'll take it! i don't want to keep upgrading as i go along or blow any of my equipment! thank you for taking the time to read this, hope i don't look too dumb (although, when it comes to this stuff, i sure ain't a genius or anywhere near it!) . i look foward to hopefully receiving a really helpful response or ten! thanks so much- ps jane dough rocks! -sbird