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  1. Macro Reference amp

    DGlass, Since the closet Authorized Service Center in Tulsa or Dallas is about 3 hrs from my home, I will return the Macro Reference to Crown for service. Thank you for the quick reply and compliments on my system. mdrag Lawton, OK
  2. I have a Crown Macro Reference amp that I bought used at least 5 years ago IIRC. This amp is currently used in a home theater set-up driving a pair of JBL 4425's. I have a copy of the Crown Proof of Performance Report that shows that this amp was a Factory Serviced Unit, date 12/24/98, Serial# 640237, Technician 4170. I turned on the system the other day and the MR did not power up. No unusual performance issues to report prior to this. The rear breaker switch was NOT tripped. I called Crown yesterday for service information and was told that the amp could be sent in for repair. However the MR is not listed on the SRA web page. I have the original Crown box/packaging for the MR. I'm a long time Crown user (all home audio) and own (1) Studio Reference 1 driving a pair of JBL 4430's, (1)CTs 8200, (1) K2, (2) PL3, (1) PS200, (1) SL2, (1) FM2, and (1) FM3 - and really want to get the MR repaired. This is the first time that any of my Crown equipment has needed service - the SL2 and PL3 were purchased around 1982! I would appreciate any help. Thanks. mdrag Lawton, OK