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  1. Hi there, My local technician is struggling to repair my DC 300. He has gone over it ' with a fine tooth comb' and it works for a while ( about 5 mins ) and then ' blows up' again. He mentioned to me that the schematics of the Bias Circuitry did not seem to be the same as what was inside the amp. This is the 300 original, not the the 300A. Can anyone shed any light on this? Much appreciated Regards, Nick
  2. CTS series 220V operation

    Hi David, Thanks for your advice! Cheers, Nick
  3. CTS series 220V operation

    Hi there, Thanks for your reply and advice. Unfortuneately, due to budget constraints I am seeking out a second hand amp. While this isnt the ideal situation ( I'd obviously like to buy NEW! ), the low shipping weight, and used prices of US Crowns make this my only available choice at present. Is it possible to have the PS changed to 220V operation by a technician? I am aware of the service issues, but these are relaiable amps, and if I buy second hand that is simply a risk I must factor in. Thanks again, Nick
  4. Hi All, I am thinking of buying a CTS 1200 from the USA, will it work 'out the box' on 220V mains? From the specs it would seem so, but I just want to make sure. Thanks so much, Nick