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  1. Changing input voltage from 1.4 to 2.5 is fine and dandy however it does nothing except make the amplifier less sensitive. what I think you need to look at is bandpass gain and increase that. Raul from JBL came out to see my Vertec rig, it was all good except I was way "clipping the front end" of my amps and he noticed it right off. we changed the bandpass gain stucture and the PA came alive!!! I new it had more to give!! now I'm just havin fun!! this rig is soo easy to load in/out, very predictable and just sounds fine!
  2. just bought 30k worth of jbl vrx932/918 and 25k worth of Crown it4000 only to find there are no presets available for my itech amps i've been told by my rep (who is a great guy) jbl would call me to assist and "walk me through it" problrm is I dont have time for that if I did I would fire up my good old hardware based HP spec analizer, BK 4011'S AND DO THE JOB MYSELF. I was told to use Driverack or minidrive settings but filter sets are not even close!!! I have used the 932 in passive and am very Impressed but have alot of shows comming up and would like to stear from F.O.H. not dips on cabs. quick resolution needed. I have been using Crown gear for over 20 years and have always felt I had the best pwr behind me and still feel that way! however I've always been an EV MT X-Array guy (crown powered of course) Jbl's vrx product sounded so good it swayed me for all my corporate type stuff. can anybody just send me the presets? If I do them myself will you pay me for them? (didn't think so!) I dont mean to sound upset and realy am not, I love the product just need some real support quick