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  1. trouble with i-Tech 6000

    I have a similar problem with an I-Tech 6000. During the first week of use, this particular amp was in a rack as a "spare". It originally fired up and I was able to input all the DSP parameters I needed initially, however after being "idle" for a day or so at a show, the unit went dark. The front screen is dark and the amp does not respond to anything either from the front panel or through the network. I-Qwik will not recognize this amp either. When powered up the LCD screen lights for a second with the "Crown" screen then goes immediately black again. With input to the amp there are no signal lights flickering and the "ready" light does not come on. Do I need to box this up and send it back to my distributor? Michael Oliver - Production Strategies Inc, Sacramento, CA
  2. You should search through the JBL website for more info on your speakers, www.jblpro.com and then you need to decide whether you intend to run your speakers "passive" or to use an active crossover network and "bi-amp" your system. Using the amplifier matching rules from JBL and from elsewhere in this forum, to run "passive" you need one stereo amplifier capable of producing 960 watts to 1600 watts per channel into 8 ohms. [(Continuous power rating X 2) X (.8 to 1.25) for range]. Crown has several amplifiers in this range. If you wish to "bi-amp" your system, you will need two stereo amplifiers and an active crossover network to feed them. From the JBL website you will find the power ratings for the individual components in your speaker boxes and apply the same rules above for amplifier ratings. If you ask me directly, I would steer you toward "bi-amping" your system, as your budget allows, and I would recommend the Crown I-Tech series. I-Tech 6000 for Lows and I-Tech 4000 for Highs. You can always buy the Lows amp first and use it to run "passive" until your budget allows you to purchase the other amplifier. Good Luck... Michael Oliver - Third Ear Sound Company, Richmond, CA
  3. I-Tech 6000 / JBL VRX 923LA

    We are using the Tunings from the JBL Website that are listed for the DBX 480 Driverack. These transfer over nicely to the I-Tech DSP with only minor differences in tenths of hz. All of the filters are there in the I-Tech that you need, however, you have to enter all of this data manually. Michael Oliver - Production Strategies Inc., Sacramento, CA
  4. Crown I-Tech PFC Power Supply / 110v/220v

    I know this is an old post, but some of you out there may want to think about this. Putting L-5/30 (30 amp Twist Loc) connectors on your I-Tech Power cables and Building Rac Pacs that have L-5/30 Output Receptacles. This would give you a full 30 amp load available to your I-Techs at 120 volts and makes a simple Rac Pac for Three Amplifiers. Michael Oliver - Production Strategies Inc., Sacrament, CA
  5. I-Tech 4000 versus K2

    Here you may have missed something entirely. Your JBL Mid/High Boxes are being used in "Passive" Mode. In this case you will run into the limit that the passive crossover network can take before the sound pressure level drops off and any more power is just turned into heat. Using the I-Tech 4000 DSP you could convert your system to Bi-Amped and get loads more gain and clarity. However, one I-Tech 4000 could safely drive a maximum of three JBL-725s and would be in mono, (only one signal line to the I-Tech). In our JBL700 system here we have Six 725s and Four 728s though we drive them all with QSC 3400s and are using an analog crossover network. We would love to upgrade to the I-Tech amps for this "B" Rig. Michael Oliver - Prime Time Entertainment, Tracy, CA
  6. DC 300A or DC150A's?

    I hope your show turned out great. I would have gone the other way and used just the DC-300 as the stereo amp for the La Scalas and kept the DC-150s for back up. Let me know if you ever want to sell any of that vintage stuff. It still sounds so very good, and a pair of La Scalas could sure liven up my living room here at home... The Klipsh, ( I was once a Klipsh repair tech), La Scalas were designed to drive up to 120db on less than 100 watts... Michael Oliver - Third Ear Sound Company, Richmond, CA
  7. multiple controlers on the network

    Networking can be a breeze or a headache as you add more things on your network. Be careful of how you set up your IP addresses, but we have experienced no problems running multiple computers and controllers and I-Tech amplifiers on the same network. Example from last week: Eight I-Tech Amplifiers, Laptop controlling the I-Techs, a Massive Video Switcher, Power Point Display Computer, Computer processing streaming Audio & Video, Video Graphics computer, three remote laptops used for question and answer communications between conference rooms, wireless router for streaming Audio & Video and an Internet connection all attached to the same network and all running at the same time with no dropouts or errors during a week long conference of lawyers no less... Pretty impressive to me an old analog guy... Michael Oliver - Production Strategies Inc., Sacramento, CA
  8. Limiters, compressors, and crossovers

    Although the BBE Unit is a solid audio effect unit, it is still just a unit that colors the sound of your system. Have you thought about buying powered Subwoofers? These come with Amplifiers and crossovers built into them which would allow you to power your mid/high boxes with your existing amp and still maintain a stereo image. Your EQ unit could still control your overall sound and allow you to tune your rig to the room you are in on any given day. I hate to write this down here, but "Mackie" actually makes a single 18" subwoofer that kicks *beep* for DJ rigs and I have a pair in service with our "C" rig here, which we use for all our DJ shows. Michael Oliver - Prime Time Entertainment, Tracy, CA
  9. it-4000 & vrx 932

    We just added 32 VRX-932 to our inventory and am using the I-Tech 6000s to drive them. I downloaded the crossover parameters from the JBL Website and manually entered then into the I-Tech software. All of the necessary filters were there at my disposal and the rig sounded great. For Passive I just used the Butterworth 18db High Pass Filter at 48hz. For Bi-amped, I copied over the settings that JBL provides for the DBX 480 system of crossovers. These fit into the I-Tech parameters pretty closely with only some fudging on tenths of hertz. I hope you get your rig up and happening. These speakers work great for the right applications. Michael Oliver - Production Strategies Inc, Sacramento, CA