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  1. Amp pics

    Here you go K2 Can the forum resize pics?
  2. Well thats a long reply, thanks. To make my self clear, I am using the K2 as a bass amplifier in a home speaker with an active xover (at 150 hz), not professionally in studio's I was first planning to use another class D amplifier and was worried about the EMF signal emmitted from the speakercords (the switching frequency of that amp is about 500Khz and you could see that easlily on an osciliscope). To prevend this EMF from reaching the other equipment, I used for the internal speakercord of my diy bass speakers 10 awg speakercord (from Canare) and put aluminium foil around it (hence the shielding). Of course I was planning to use (short, thick) shielded speaker wire from the amp to the speakers as well. I don't know how much of the switching signal can be found on the output with a Crown K2? But the speaker cable is thick enough (6 mm^2) and high frequency roll off is no issue, because I'm crossing at 150 hz. I understand the Crowns will not oscillate because of a little shielding??
  3. Of course it should have said "output wiring" in the topic title
  4. Hello, Just received my K2. I plan to use it as the bass amplifier for my speakers (Lambda Acoustics SB12 ). I noticed in the manual a warning (in bold characters) is given not to use shielded cable for the speaker wire. The internal cable of my basspeakers is shielded (not connected to earth). Should I replace this? What can go wrong? Cheers, Ronald