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  1. Excellent thanks for your help FYI Jensen reccomend a transformer for this application that other companies are using with success. It is Jensen Transformer model JT-10KB-D NB NOrmally used a 4:1 transformer for line inputs. As it does not have centre tap sec. I assume we can use 2x27K resistors( instead of the one from the tap in the schematic) to form a virtual tap at the junction of the two resistors e.g a similar circuit configuration ( with different component values ) as used in the PZM-30D electronics ? Thanks also for such a great range of products Regards Ross Mullins
  2. Hi Support team I use a number of GLM 100E capsules wired for Wireless body packs ( Shure 4 Pin TQ connectors ) To increase flexibility in use I would like guidance in assembling a phantom power interface box to enable cabled operation from phantom power. I have seen the schematic for " phantom powering circuit for a GLM - 200E " using a 3:1 or 4:1 transformer but would like to power the capsule using a bi polar arrangement to allow for for maximum possible headroom. I have been considering a 4:1 Jensen transformer I would welcome any schematic guidance. Regards