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  1. XLS 402

    Thank you.
  2. XLS 402

    I run a Boss GT6 processor to my XLS402 send left output of processor and right output of processor to the serperate channels of the amp. Use binding opst out puts, 1 channel is run to a Celestian 75W, and the other is run to another Celstian 75W which is hooked parralel to a 12" bass speaker. The amp is run at 75% to completely open depending upon how close/loud acoustic drums are. After a couple of hours the single Fault light will activate and I lose output to the speakers, the amp remains powered on. The amp feels hot, and unless the fans run at a very low speed, I really don't feel much for ventilation. I purchased the amp new a little over two years ago. I can power off the amp, let it sit for 5-10 minutes and all is good for awhile again. Is my config not practical or is it something pertaining to the amp?