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  1. Thanks for the information Enrique, but now I am little upset at the fact I called crown also and no one was able to give me an informed answer and now I feel I just purchased outdated products two ago because no one couldn't tell me anything :angry:
  2. Any help on this topic ???
  3. The power output went from MA9000i 8ohm 4ohm 2ohm 1,500W 3,000W 2,500W MA12000i 2,100W 4,000W 3,500W And now is MA9000i 1,500W 3,500W 2,800W MA12000i 2,1000W 4,500W 3,750W Thanks in advance
  4. I am about to purchase a Macro-tech 12000i and 9000i and see that the power ratings have changed, I wanted to know if this applies to all the amps or just newly manufactured ones ?