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  1. New Ce 1000A questions

    Hi Dave, I'm also thinkin' about buying those amps and so may I ask what speakers are you using with the CE1000? Thanx, Manny 3505[/snapback] Hi Manny, I am using Paradigm monitor 5's for L & R fronts, cc 370 ctr, adp 450's side .surr & mini monitors for the rear surr. take care, Dave
  2. New Ce 1000A questions

    Hi Dave, You asked: The answer is NO, they need to be ready to go right out of the box. When it comes to Pro Audio, you need a Power Amp that will get it done right away, wether your powering up for a local gig down the street or racks and stacks for a major event. Even your living room! You also asked: I have a CE2000 and a CE4000 and I do not hear a Transformer hum. Is this Hum coming from the Speakers? In other words when you turn down the Amps do you still hear a hum? They Amps do have Fans inside to keep them cool but when I am not gigging, my Amps and stacks are in my home and I will power up my PA when playing CD's and DVD's etc.. as well as practicing for the next gig. I can hear the Fan in my XS900 at a low level audio segment on a DVD movie, but not my CE amps. My amps are screwed down tightly front and back in a Amp rack using the Amps rack ears. If your amps are sitting loosely on a wooden shelf in a Entertainment center like amps do in a home, I am wondering if the Amps fan vibration is being amplified by the wooden shelf. If you put a towel under the amp and isolate it from the shelf and the fan vibrations, does the noise go away? Just a thought but I know that you can buy really nice Wooden Amp racks for permanent Installs, such as in a Studio or your home. I've even seen some really nice racks that slide forward so you can work on the equipment and then slide it back in, as in a home audio system. Just some thoughts! You also said, Make sure that air flow is always available to the Amps for proper cooling. Air is drawn into the front and exits the rear of the amps. Again if they are loosely in the cabinet, the cabinet may becoming a resonating cabinet, keep the amps isolated and mounted in place. Good luck, Bud PS: The K1 and K2 Power amps (because they do not have fans) are good choices for Home Audio as well. Of course they are a bit more money than a CE1000. Also for Hum coming from your Speakers due to matching Home Audio to Pro Audio I have seen may use something such as a ART Cleanbox Link here:ART CleanBox 3356[/snapback] thank you very much Bud, You were right, I took them off the wooden shelves and the hum sound went way down, as you pointed out having them sitting loose on the wooden shelf created a magnified sound field? the fans are no problem, they only came on once during a test using the IMAX dvd of Nascar (sounded awesome). the K1 was my first choice but it ends up roughly 4x the price of the CE 1000 here in Canada. I must say I am going to really like the CE 1000's. thanks again, Dave
  3. Hi Everyone, I just purchased 4 CE 1000A's for my home theatre and I have to say they sound amazing compared to the CSL 460's I have been using over the past few years! I do have two questions to ask though, a) is there a break-in period for pro amps like there is for consumer power amps. 2) the amps themselves have what sounds like a transformer hum (for lack of a better description) I have them in a cabinet so I don't hear them, but I was wondering if this goes away after a while? thanks in advance! Dave
  4. xman, LA Music in Mississauga has them listed on the web for $469. CAD it sure seems like a good price to me! I will be getting rid of my csl 460's & power tech 1's & buying 4 new ce1000's @ $699.ea in the next month or so, as soon as I decide if I want the Anthem AVM30 or Rotel RSP 1068. sometime trying to save a penny ends up costing more, good luck on your quest!! Dave
  5. LA Music in Mississauga on Dundas & hwy 10 has Crown, but I think Long & Mcquade's & Steves Music on Queen & Spadina may also sell Crown take care
  6. K-1 in home theatre

    thanks for your response David, the front & back of the racks (2) are wide open & I use a dc computer fan to circulate air around my Denon 3801 which I use as a pre-amp, so heat buildup should not be a problem, or I can have them sitting on top of the racksm as it is a designated ht, not to mention I like looking at the equip as much as the DVD. I don't see the sleep mode being a problem, will the K-1's sound as clean as the csl 460's I currently use? or will they sound as good as the power line 4 (I have 2 of these) which I use for music only in a couple of other rooms in the house.
  7. new member, first time posting Morning everyone, I currently am using 3 CSL-460's in my home theatre setup, but I am thinking of replacing them with 3 KT-1's so I can have them mounted in the same rack as the rest of equipment (no fans) not to mention much shorter cable runs! I really like the sound I currently get (SACD's & DVD-A's are truly fantastic) are there any other members using the K-1's in a theatre setup? thanks for your time, Dave