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  1. Thanks for the quick answer, I am hoping to use it this weekend. I thought that might work, but the clearance is so small, and I didn't know just how the plug was attached, that I didn't want to just stick a tiny screwdriver in there, and break something off trying to force sumthin' that didn't WANT to move ! Then, I create more trouble than I fixed! Works fine now. thanks again hawk
  2. Not sure which forum to put this in, but this is a "problem" for me. Just received my new XTi 4000, Looks good, lottsa stuff to learn, Now I have to actually read an owners manual? My owner's manual says that it is equipped with binding posts that can be used with banana plugs, and the Euro models have the binding posts "plugged" so that you can't use the old Euro AC cables for speakers. My unit came from Minnesota, (Marguerite's Music) I have a couple of K1s that I LOVE, so I have several cables made up with Banana plugs on one end, with 1/4" and/or Speakons on the other end, as needed. The unit that I received, has the binding posts "Plugged" ? and that is VERY unconvenient. With only one Speakon per channel, and no access to the Banana outputs, I can't use all my old, expensive, already paid for cables. Why is there only one Speakon per side? VERY unconvenient again, as I like to run my 2 house speakers off one side, and either the subs or monitors off the other. I suppose I could "chain' them, but not always the best way to do it. I'd rather feed the cables up from the back, than across the front. And, with the cables running this much power, I'd much rather run 2 cables from the amp, than have ONE cable have to carry ALL the power? Not that well thought out? Main problem tho, How can I get rid of the "Plugs" in the binding posts so I can use my Banana cables? That would help a little at least. Thanks Hawk
  3. Mornin', I am using a pair of JBL SRX 715's, in a club rock band, moderate volume. I have switched to these, from EV Sx 500's, wich I was always satisfied with, till I heard the SRX. Cleaner mids, and top end. Slightly less bass (smaller, lighter box, better on the back) but that was quickly fixed with a Behringer Dualfex Pro. Vocals, and a little bass drum only, indoors. I have been running the SRX with a K-1. Sounds great, but I would like a liitle more headroom. (Second K-1 runs monitors) I have always used Crown, but am now confused with all the "choices"? I don't need a lot more power, but I do like lots of headroom. I would like to be able to run the 2 SRX with one channel, and "occasionally" run a pair of 8 ohm 18" subs, with channel two, when we do an outdoor gig, or a large party. (Tho, I could run the SRX with a new Crown, and the subs with my K-1?) The question, which Crown? K-2? I really like my K-1, just want a little more. CE4000? I used one in an outdoor situation once, and it just sat there and "clicked" at me. No sound? We may have had a bad/dirty AC line, but all the rest of the band gear, (including my K-1, and the bass player's CE1000 ran fine?) I DID like the Hi and Lo pass filters tho, nice touch, could be a back up "Xover? Xs 1200? Don't know anything about these newer models. Is it a "step up" from the CE series? Which Crowns are considered a "step up", from the CE series? And, being in a group that does NOT carry an electrical engineer, we have to live with the AC that is available. So, we need something efficient, that won't overload the AC circuits of the average "underpowered" club. Which of these is the most stable in "Tough" or bad situations? (when the AC line isn't quite as clean, or "stable" as it should be?) Which will draw the least power, when running "rock" at about 6-800 wats per side, moderate compresion? I'm leaning to the K-2, just 'cuz I've had such good luck with my K-1's, Tho it is Expensive! (did it really go up a $900 in the past 3 years?) Thanks, http://www.crownaudio.com/forums/style_ima...icons/icon9.gif Hawk