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  1. I purchased a used 1998 Crown CE1000 for our once a month, all volunteer, benefit concert series. It worked great the first time we used it. A month later at the next show, we couldn’t get it to work (no output on either side). The fault light is on for both channels. I don’t know if it is a coincidence so I will mention this: We have 4 main speakers (2 on each side of the stage). Prior to the second show we have always put all 4 speakers on our QSC amp and we fed 2 monitors using the crown with 2 separate inputs. For the second show we decided to put the outer 2 on the QSC and inner 2 speakers on the Crown. We went from one channel on the snake to the crown using a balanced splitter, (1)1/4” to (2)XLRs. My sound guy assures me that it did not cause the problem, but I am throwing it out there because it was the only thing different from the show before. I have the schematic (by email from Crown). I work at an Electrical Engineering firm. There is a person or two familiar with schematics here. Is there a shortcut for checking each of the 5 items that can cause the fault light to come on? Of course I would love to check voltages on the top of the board and not have to remove it to check the bottom of the board. Every dollar that I can save is a dollar that can go to one of our 3 charities for the year. Sorry for the long post. I am sure I left something out and should have left some other things out. Robert