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  1. K2 Amplifier Heat

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Yep, that's what I was thinking also. I reported the damage to UPS over a week ago, and I haven't heard anything from them since. We'll see what transpires. Lou
  2. K2 Amplifier Heat

    DGlass, I understand what you are saying about the case being the heat dissipation mechanism. However, it doesn't explain the excessive heat coming off of the thing driving a pair of home audio 8" midbass woofers. An Adcom 555 amplifier with 1/3 the power delivery potential of the Crown never even got warm under the same conditions. I should bring home a temperature gun from work and measure the surface temperature of the amp so that I have some real numbers to share with you. "Hot to the touch" is just too subjective. Are there any tests that I can run to determine if the amp is drawing excessive current? I can probably find an amp meter to measure idle current on the plug. Lou
  3. I purchased a Crown K2 amp off of ebay last week while home on vacation. The amp was delivered to me a couple of days ago, and the package was pretty badly busted up upon arrival. The front right corner of the box was so blown out that you could clearly read the "Crown" logo on the faceplate sticker, and there was a small gouge on the bottom corner of the faceplate on that side. The guy who sent me the amp had no idea how to prorerly package such a heavy item. Other than the small gouge, the amp appeared to be fine. While handling it though, I noticed that I could feel the internal components shift when I rotated the amp from a horizontal position to a vertical position. This was disconcerning, as you can imagine. Cautiously, I went ahead and plugged the unit into a wall outlet, and the power indicator lights came on. I then decided that it was safe to hook up to a system. I went ahead and replaced my Adcom 555 woofer amp with the Crown, and proceeded to run it in my system driving a pair of 8", 8 ohm woofers wired in parallel in an all active 3 way (not the intended service and big time overkill, but I didn't want to risk damaging anything expensive). The unit sounds fine, and it drives the woofers with no problem, as you would expect. The issue is that the unit is really, really, hot. I mean, it is almost too hot to hold your hand on it for a long period of time, and I'm only listening to the football commentators on TV. Does this seem like something is wrong with the amp? Having never owned a pro amp before, I have no idea how hot they run. This amp is nearly idling with the load it's currently seeing. For what it is worth, the amp is in bridged mode, and the channel 1 gain is at 0 (full gain). It is being fed a summed bass signal from a dbx Drive Rack PA, which runs pretty darned hot itself. Lastly, the thermal overload lights on the front panel did not come on at any time during the 4 hours that the amp ran. Any feedback on your experience with this amp would be appreciated. Lou