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  1. What old firmware is in the PIP cards? If it is 1.xxx firmware the amps will not be seen by System Architect as Sys. Architect requires 2.xxx firmware. If the amplifier PIPs use a 1.xxx firmware you will need use the TCP/IQ Utility to upgrade them to a 2.xxx firmware first. Then System Architech will be able to do their upgrades from that point. You should be able to use either a switch or go directly with a x-over cable it will make no difference. as I said in first post:
  2. Yes, yes, teoreticaly sounds great. System architect (now v1.50) don't want to upgrade firmware. As allways, I uninstalled previous Sys Architect vesion and Cobranet discovery before install new one. As I first time open Sys Architect (v1.50) make necessery network settings (correct net card etc...) Architect found all my amps (8 CTs200 with USP3/CN and 2 I-Tech 6000) and asking to upgrade firmware. I-Tech are upgrading normally, CTs isn't. Why? You told that sys Architect will do all "dirty job". Teoreticaly my mistake it that, I am upgrading thru ethernet switch and not directly thru x-over cable between USP3/CN and Laptop. I can control amps form IQwic with old firmware.
  3. I have 8 CTs 2000 amps with USP3/CN cards and 2 ITech 6000 amps with cobranet. I sucessfuly update ITech firmware with System archhitect, but can't upgrade firmware for USP3/CN cards. I tryed upgrade with system Architect, with TCP/IQ utility, with Crown firmware utility and also with cobranet Discovery utility. All software said that can't find files for upgrade. I thyed to put files from firmware downloads in crown Forum, also i tryed to use files from cobranet discovery web site. i puttet .BIN filed in Cobranet discovery firmware folder. I tryed all combinations (I hope) , but without results. What I an doing wrong? I have System architect v1.40, iqWic v8.2.1.1, Cobranet discovery v3.4.2 Also I have 8 amps with Crown USP3/CN CobraNet version 2.9.11 CM-1(m) rev 3 (Cobranet discovery information), USP3/CN v2.01 Version:PSN20112 (TCP/IQ information).