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  1. is there a way to attenuate the input of the XTI amp either selecting a different input senistivity either via a switch or software? thanks Robert
  2. I notice on the crown website that the itech firmware is yet when i launch system architect that it wants to upgrade the amps to, will Iqwic work if you upgrade to or must you stay at to sill use Iqwic software?
  3. A few questions about using both I Qwic ( Download 8.10a) and System Arch. (1.20), I-techs 4000 & 6000 (ver When i was setting up presets with Iqwic and then opened the amps online with system arch i noticed that Filters for the HP and LP did not always translate to the correct settings and would not carry over gain settings at all.Next i am unable to locate a bandpass Gain control in iqwic but see it on the amp and in system arch.
  4. When i create a preset in iqwic using the firmware version 1.20 and try to copy and paste it to an amp with frimware 1.30 in offline mode i get the paste greyed out in the 1.30 amp mod and when i try to save and then load a preset it states that it is incompatible with from 1.20 to version 1.30 is there any work around or do i need to recreate the presets for the new frimware version? Thanks Robert
  5. How can u store 20 presets on the itechs with iqwic 7.20 without a firmware upgrade? I thought the amp could only handle 10 prestes at the moment thanks Robert Acito
  6. When you create a custom page in i qwic for the i-tech's is there any way to see what your loaded preset is without expanding the amp pages? Thanks Robert