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  1. How grow my little system?

    Hi Bud... This is the list of my equipment.... 1 XLS202B (Only for the 15" Speakers) 1 Receiver Sony (For Tweeters and MidRange Speakers) 2 Pasive Crosovers (For the Receiver Sony, MidRange and Tweeters) 1 Crossover Active DBX 234 XL 1 Equalizer DBX 231 1 CD Player Sony 2 Speakers (120watts RMS, 8 Ohms, 15") 2 Speakers for MidRange (18watts RMS, 8 Ohms, 5 1/4") 2 Tweeters (3w, 8 Ohms, 3") I use this only for my home... and i want more power... so i was thinking in buy another XLS202B with 2 More 15" Speakers... Make a Y cable from my Crossover to the 2 amps.... Or the other option... Replace my XLS202B and my 15" Speakers with Others more Powerfull so i will have only 1 amp and 2 speakers... (The space not is the problem... i can put the 4 15" speakers in my room... and the money isn't a trouble too) (I want know what is the best option in sound quality...) By the way... 1 amp 2 speaker 15" 600watts the sound is the same or better vs 3 amps 6 speakers 15" 600watts, how are afected the low frecuencies... Sorry about my enlglish i speek spanish... Many Thanx
  2. Hello... I have an XLS202B with 2 8 ohms 15" speakers... But i want increase the power of my system and i have a question... What is better for sound quality? 1.- Buy another XLS202B and 2 more speakers or... 2.- Replace my existing amp and speakers for others with more power? I must say that i want to figure how the bass sounds in the 2 options... The sound is identical if i use 3 amps with 6 speakers with a sistem with 1 amp with 2 speakers with identiacal power? I think that the bass may be not be as powerfull in my first option.... I hope you can help me.... i don't have experiencie, and i can figure the results.... Many Thanx!