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  1. XLS-402 - JBL Control 5 Plus

    Ok, I something perhaps is wrong. As I stated, I am hooking up a pair of the JBL Control 5 Plus on each side of the XLS 402B amp. It is very clear and sounds nice, but there is no power. None. I have the amp cranked up to the max and you have to be sitting in front of the speakers to review (monitor). I unplugged one speaker on each side and definately is lower. Honestly, I have an old cheapie EW 4 channel PA system with a pair of 12" speakers, and I think that amp is only like 80watts (I believe 8 ohm), and with the DAW same settings, that thing SHAKES my windows. I am very disappointed.... am I doing something wrong? Any advice?
  2. XLS-402 - JBL Control 5 Plus

    Thanks David. That was most helpful and informative. I only wish other big companies would consider better customer support like this. Without naming names, some of them won't even respond to inquiries like this... like if they were going to reveal company secrets or something. Anyway, I am surprised the JBL Control 5's were 4 ohms... And these are the "plus" version. I think I seen somewhere on the Internet that the "plus" version were able to handle more than the regular Control 5's. *shrug* Either way, thanks again for your most helpful reply... and I am off to find me that ebay seller and snatch me one. His price seemed reasonable... Happy New Year!
  3. Hi All. I am hoping someone can answer my question(s). I tried to read through the threads so I don't duplicate the question, but I didn't see anything related. I am a musician and not a power amp experts, nor an electrician. So alot of this is confusing to me. Here's my question(s): I have a small home studio (DAW) which is currently powered by a pair of Behringer B-300 powered speakers coming out of a small mixer (which sound is coming out from my studio to the mixer). This is fine for the most part, but a bit extreme in my studio room. I use this mainly for mix-down/mastering purposes. I have 2 sets of JBL Control 5 Plus speakers that I purchased from a Navy buddy a few years back and I want to set them up as the main listening for my mix-down/mastering purpose (perhaps using the behringers turned down on the "monitoring" output of the mixer). Anyway, I am not sure of the specs of the JBLs, but I believe they are 100 watt at 8ohms a piece. So, if I have a pair of the JBLs on each channel, I assume that would make it 4ohms. I am looking at the XLS-402 for powering these (2 JBL's on each channel). Would that be practical, or is there another Crown amp someone can recommend that is in the same price range to easily power these 4 speakers (a pair on each channel)? Next question. I seen an ebay ad for an XLS-402B. I tried seeking information on here, but can't find anything. Is this ebay seller nuts, or is there really a 402B released? If so, what is the difference between the A and the B version? Thanks for any help and advice.... Oh! and happy new year!