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  1. CE 2000

    To help you with a visual aid, reference the Crown XTi manual; see page 12 for the Stereo Mode and page 13 for the Bridge Mode wiring for the Speakon plug. Also love, hug and squeeze the "Crown Amplifier Application Guide" available right here in pdf form on the crownaudio web site. I can never find it so I google it, and wa~la, or is that abera~kadabera? For me, I just use a 1/4 plug to speaker box and wire into the binding posts as shown on page 13 of the Crown XTi manual. Its almost foolproof! y.m.m.v. Zenzilla
  2. Mikem, Check thru this: Crown I-Tech Series Manual Section 4: page 19 has some info on limiting output [average power limiter], but I do not know if it is for only one channel. There may be some downloadable presets on the Crown website that address this. Regards, Zenzilla
  3. Thanks Chris, I am running a stereo set-up. At this point in time I will probably save up for (2) I-Tech 4000 amps. I think speaker destruction is more a factor of spikes and clipping and badly behaved sound techs rather than too much amp for the speaker. Zenzilla p.s. Must have more power... and Blue Bell Moo-lenium Ice Cream!
  4. Here is some recommended reading in English from the Crown web site. Just click this link and download it. Crown Amplifier Application Guide I has a good Glossary and the Appendix also has some further reference material. Enjoy! Zenzilla p.s. Please send some more Blue Bell Moo-lenium!
  5. Thanks Bud! Good explanation... I had done a lot of reading here and the math is about what I figured, but having input from some "All-Pros" really helps, and I appreciate your time. I had been pondering doing (4) Crown K2 amps. (really too much money for my budget) This would put: (2) K2 amps bridged in the Carvin TR1503 tops = for stereo (2) K2 amps bridged in the Carvin SW1801 Sub = for stereo I need power and silence. Fan noise causes me to break out in a rash! ~so~ Are the Crown CE4000 amps quiet in cool studio environments? (I could jump on this!) Are the I-Tech amps quiet in climate controlled environments? (again = ouch on the budget) Regards, Zenzilla p.s. Send more Blue Bell Moolenium ice cream!
  6. I originally posted what minimal information that was on the back of the speaker cabinets. I can only add to this information from the pdf manuals: MODEL TR1503 SPEAKER SYSTEM SPECS: Frequency Response: 48 Hz to 19 kHz ±3 dB Useable Low Frequency: 36 Hz (-10 dB) Power Handling: 600w Continuous Program Power Recommended Amp: 100 to 1200 watts Sensitivity: 103 dB SPL, 1 Watt @ 1 meter Coverage Angles: 90°Horizontal, 45°Vertical Nominal Impedance: 8? Crossover Type: C1503 Constant Voltage Horn Driver Protection: Yes Woofer Enclosure Type: Vented Box MODEL SW1801 SUB WOOFER SPECS: Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 450 Hz ±3 dB Useable Low Frequency: 42 Hz (-10 dB) Power Handling: 800 watts Continuous Power Recommended Amp: 250 to 1000 watts Sensitivity: 98 dB SPL, 1 watt @ 1 meter Nominal Impedance: 4? Crossover Type: Constant Voltage Woofer Enclosure Type: Vented Box There will be (1) TR1503 & (1) SW1801 per side for basic stereo Left/Right FOH and rehearsal/recording situations. I do not know exactly where I will set the crossover frequency to at this time. The K2's are at the edge of my budget, but still what I am aiming for: (1) K2 for top end & (1) K2 for the low end. Any advice is welcome. Zenzilla p.s. Please send more money!
  7. Can I answer my own question? I am leaning toward (2) Crown K2's for powering this = quiet & powerful. It should work for 75% of my needs, then augment as rooms get bigger. Any thoughts are welcome. Regards, Zenzilla p.s. Please send more money!
  8. Hail to the gang ~ my first post. Request for suggestions to match power amps to my speakers. Set-up is stereo out, so this is x2: (1) Carvin Cabinet TR1503 [per side] 8 ohm / 600 watts = top end (1) Carvin Cabinet SW1801 [per side] 4 ohm / 800 watts = bass I will be adding a Behringer ULTRADRIVE PRO DCX2496 shortly to do the crossover chores. This is being feed by a Tascam DM-24 digital mixer. Venue size varies from small (rehearsal) to medium (performance), no large rooms in this plan. I am planning Bi-Amping via: (1) Crown CE-2000 for top end and (1) Crown CE-2000 for the bass. Any advise would be appreciated. tia, Zenzilla p.s. Please send more money!