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  1. The amps weren't even close to clipping. Heck they honestly wasn't really working that hard. I ran just the EV Mains, one to each amp, not bridged and they didn't seem to have any problems after 4 hours and they were cool to the touch. The fans are working just fine as far as I can tell. When the amps went into shutdown last time the fans were still blowing, but they were blowing hot air. Any idea's?
  2. I run Electrovoice Eliminator i series speakers. They are the older Eliminator speakers (the grill mounted on the outside sides of the speaker). I run both the sub and the main together. I use the internal crossover in the subwoofer. I know this isn't the way to get the best sound, but it's easy and it works well enough. In other words I run the amp to the sub and then sub to the main. They are both rated at 8 Omhs. So it would be about 4 ohm load to the amp. I know that this can vary, but it it doesn't seem to cause any problems with my older XLS602B's. This is the exact part where I am having the problem. My warranty had expired on one of my XLS602B's so I decided to upgrade both of them to the XLS602D's. Well both of the 602D's go into thermal shutdown after about 15 minutes running the EV Main and Sub together (I repeated the test to make sure). I don't have it bridged (I've double checked), I'm only running it out of channel one. I know using only one channel isn't fully powering everything, but I have never needed to push this system because it is very loud. The thing that is most troubling is that I never had a problem with my old 602B amps. Any ideas what changed between the 602D series from the 602B's besides the swtich for bridged?
  3. XLS 602 Low volume/output

    I live in De Pere, WI 54115. Could you please let me know where my nearest dealer would be and what I would have to do for the replacement.
  4. XLS 602 Low volume/output

    Hi, I'm sorry if I didn't mention that. I have switched the amps betwenn setups and the New 602 is not as loud...not even close.
  5. I know that a simliar question like this was just asked, but mine varies in a few ways. I just bought my second xls 602 to power my extra set of speakers for my DJ business. Long story short I rushed ordered this new amp, because my old amp (non crown) died on me and a need one for a gig in 2 days. Well I was dJing one dance with my trusty 602 and I had my other DJ, Matt, DJing a second dance with the brand new 602. Well the volume on the new 602 was very low. I didn't have a second mixer board for this other gig, but I did run an active EQ before the amp. I ran it from PC-EQ-Amp. And I literally had to turn every bit of volume up and put up my EQ very high in order for it to even sound a little loud. Now I am unsure if the PC's sound card has 1.75 volts output. But I do know that I ran the same set up the week before with a rented xls 402 and it sounded MUCH louder. Any insight to this would be much appreciated, Nathan