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  1. PS 400 BiAmped System

    So I took the Crown amps to a certified technician. On the bench, the Crowns put out the same output level at clipping, 38 VAC. I take them back home, and I have the same problem, and it follows the amp. One amp is overpowering (underpowering ?) the other. The center stage drastically moves toward one amp. That amp also has a nasty 60 cycle hum component and some popping that sounds like a light scratch on an LP. The technician doesn't have a clue. Do you have any ideas ? I'm baffled in Houston. These amps have a good reputation, but they are old.
  2. PS 400 BiAmped System

    Thank you for your response ! The problem is in the amplifier. If I understand you correctly, with both amps at 0 db gain, you'd expect the same output levels with the same input levels from the preamp. Is this correct ? The problem was detected with both amps at 0 db gain. So I guess I have a real issue here. The question is which amp is the culprit. Am I getting too much amplification from one amp or not enough from the other ? I'll probably need to have a Crown certified technician look at both of them. Would you agree ?
  3. I recently purchased two used Crown PS 400s to biamp my Martin Logan speakers. One PS 400 get's the left channel information, and the other the right. (I used a splitter for the input channels for each amp.) In this configuration I can keep my speaker cables short and can play with the channel gain to balance the woofer with respect to the electrostatic panel. So far so good. Once I had hooked everything up, I noticed the center of the soundstage was decidely to the left. I played with both gain controls for the left channel to center the sound stage. With my previous single Rotel amp setup, the sound stage was centered, so I theorize that the input levels for both left and right were pretty well matched. It appears that my PS 400s don't produce the same ouput levels with similar imput levels. Is this to be expected, or should I have these used amps serviced ? Help !