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  1. Need an amp for my house

    Hey systemdeath, Did you ever decide what amp to go with. Let us know... David
  2. Chris, Could you be a little more specific about what exactly the 482I does and how/what it did for your system? Thanks David
  3. DC 300A or DC150A's?

    dwillie, I believe the 150's are rated at 250 watts bridged mono @ 8 ohms. The DC300 in 175 watts per channel. I would go with the 2 150's bridged and take the 300 as backup. Have fun, I would love to hear your La Scala's I have a pair of herseys I bought in the early 80's and have been a Klipsch fan for a long time. By the way, you should have plently of power as the La Scala's as all older Klipsch's are very efficient. David
  4. Dembits, You don't need a crossover until you get the sub. You need all of your signal (20hz - 20,000hz) going to your MTX's for now. If you crossover (filter) your signal without a sub your removing bottom end from your MTX's and hurting your bottom end. When you are ready the DBX 223 would be perfect.
  5. Crown and JBL SRX

    I was reading your post and thought I would jump in with my 2 cents; If you are after more head room, running the JBL's off one channel would be no good. However here is an idea... Are you crossing over the signal to the JBL's. It might really clean them up, make them more effiencent, and increase your "head room" if you ran a high pass filter (crossover) say at 100 hz. where that the K1 and the JBL's were only dealing with freq's of 100hz and up. I don't know how many monitors you are running but take that K1 and run the 2 18" subs in bridged mono. (lots of kick in mono 1100 watts @ 8ohms, 1500 watts @ 4 ohms). Then look at a cheaper crown (maybe even used off of ebay) to run your monitors. I pursched a used Power Base 2 the other day for $185.00 that had never been on the road (very clean) and even though it was made in the late 80's (made in the US by the way) its a lot of bang for the buck. I am running it in bridged mono at 8 ohms 910 watts RMS. (check this sight for the specs.) And had no problems. Acutally I am using several Power Base's with no problems. Good luck David L.
  6. Your Crossover (depending what you buy) will most likely offer 2-way (bi-amp_ stereo) or 3-way (tri-amp mono). You could run 2-way stereo, but with the speaker set up we are discussing here is the problem. You only have 1 amp which is a 2 channel amp. If you run in stereo you would need 3 channels: Front Left, Front Right and Sub. Since you only have 1 am (2 channels) I am recommending to use one channel of your amp (ch A or 1) for both left and right front speakers wired in parallel and use the other channel (ch B or 2) for the sub. Now back to the hook up. Yes, you would run direct from your mixer to the crossover. For the speaker set up we are talking about, I would use the mono out on your mixer if it has one. The crossover would have one "mono" input. And it would have 2 outputs: A "high out" and a separate 'Low or sub out". The crossover would have adjustments for both gain and crossover point (hz) for both outs. (high and low/sub) The 2 outs we are talking about would go to your Crown. Say "high out to ch. A and Low/Sub out to Ch. When you are ready to buy, if you tell me which crossover you are looking at I can be a little more specfic as to the exact settings. Please let me know if I am clear here?
  7. Ok here's how it would hook up: From your source (CD player) to your mixer, out of your mixer (and for this setup probably run out of you mixer (preamp) mono, then into your EQ. If you run mono out of your mixer you will only use one channel of your EQ. Then run out of your EQ (one channel) into your crossover using is as a mono crossover. Out of your crossover straight into your Crown. (using all coax cables) Then using speaker wire use One channel for the high Freq. 100hz and up to power your MTX's and one channel for the Lows 100hz down for your sub. Just remember the Crown amp is the last piece in the chain before your speakers. The "active" crossover is considered a line level piece of gear and processes the signal in the same manner as your pre amp, mixer, or EQ. The crossover inside of your MTX speaker is a "passive" crossover and processes a high voltage signal between the amp and the speakers. The crossover you need above is an "active" type. With this set up you will still have plenty of power until you decide to add additional speakers. Hope this helps, if you have questions let me know David
  8. Do I need a splitter?

    Thanks Chris for your help and basically thats what I have been doing running 2 amps. I was just concerned running 4 that I might loose some signal and would like to have a little more control over the gain on the second 2 amps as all my subs don't match. thanks David
  9. Dembits, Here is some food for thought... Probably in a DJ enviroment your MTX's are shallow on the bottom end. I see that they have a mid/high horn in them which should really overpower the 12's, espically on the low end?? If you are going to DJ you will (in the end) have to have some subs. To minimize your expense now, why not try a sub running off one channel and keep your 2 MTX's on the other? I really think a good sub would be the biggest bang for your buck and you would really, really hear the difference. Also using a crossover for your sub would really clean up the quality of sound you are getting from your MTX's because you would only send freq. of say 90hz - 100hz and up to the MTX's. You will be suprized how much cleaner they will sound. But don't skimp on the sub. I would recommend an 18" pro sub, no smaller than a 15". Check the websights that Chris recommends they also have subs. I don't think the Sonic Maximizer has a sub out so you will need a crossover. You might even check ebay, I saw several Rane crossovers listed there yesterday at low prices. (Rane AC22) Rane even makes a cheaper line called MOJO I am just not sure of the model number for the 2 way crossover. Or you might check for a DBX prof. (DBX 223) they are a little cheaper that Rane. Hope this helps David
  10. I am coming out of my crossovers output for "summed Sub out" to run my subs. However my crossover only has one XLR balanced out, but I am going to run 4 power base 2's in bridged mode. What do I need to go from one line to 4 lines for inputs for the PB2's. Do I need a splitter (or what is your recommendation) and if so who makes a good one??
  11. I am currently using a combination of Power base I & 2's with 2 D150A's in my 7.1 cinema setup with a Studio Reference II to power the front L & R speakers (2 way passive). I am changing the L & R front speakers for an active tri-amp set up and have the following questions. Where would you recommend to use the Studio Reference amp to get the most value (quality). Would you use it on the Subs (2 JBL 4645B's) or on the Mid/high range horns. I realize there is a huge amount of power there for the horns, but would the sound be superior over the D150A or PB1 for this application? I am using 2 Power base 2's bridged mono for the 2 subs now. One for each. Just another thought, would you consider using the Reference amp to just power the center channel. (2 JBL 3678's) I am new to the form, but have been using Crown amp's for over 30 years mainly for home use and some DJ work. Thanks in advance for your input David Lutz