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  1. Low bass extension

    Thankyou David for your response. I had noticed on the net that people seem to uise the K series amp for low bass, such as driving subwoofers, which seemed to be at odds with my experience as you imply. Please note that i am entirely happy with output level of most of the bass range, just not the lower bass such as less than 30hz odd. The manual for my preamp cites the following specs: Sensitivity (for 1v RMS output) = Line 220mv; Analogue input impedance= 10k; output impedance (all analogue outputs)=50R; Maximum output voltage =10V rms 20Hz-20khz. The manual for my other power amp that is designed as a sister to the preamp has specs: Input Sensitivity=1000mv; and Input Impedance=31KOhm. One thing to note is that I only have a single RCA for each channel from preamp and because I am bi-amping, I purchased a 'splitter' which is like a double adapter--I plug a single RCA into preamp left channel and it splits the signal into two lines, one that I plug into a power amp channel to be used for top end and the other into a different power amp channel for bottom end. I added an adapter to this male RCA so it would fit in K@2 socket. Does this splitting have an impact on impedance? Because power amp says Input sensitivity=1000mv, I set switch on K2 to 0.775v and adjusted gain back until overall bass level for most bass (ie 30hz and up) seemed about right. However, the lower bass was not very prominent and if I adjust gain to max, the mid-bass is too much and low bass still too little. This is in comparison to other respectable power amps I have tried. I have had a look at the wiring docco you send and need to read it again as I dont really understand how to suss if i have the balanced thing wrong--no reference to this in manuals of my current amps. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Low bass extension

    I am into home audio and have speakers that are difficult to control so I borrowed a Crown K2 amp from a retailer to see if it would provide the control I was looking for without fan-noise. I'm bi-amping with a musical fidelity amp used for the top end and K2 for bottom end, which includes a bass driver in the main speaker and matching subwoofer on each side (left and right). My Osborne speakers go very low and I love the low bass they put out. I adjusted the level of the bass by setting input sensitivity on k2 to 0.7v (mus fid amp is 1v) and using dials on front to scale output back to a similar level I was used to with previous amp (another mf). As expected, the K2 with its incredible damping factor by home audio standards was fantastic in controlling these speakers. However what surprised me was that compared to the five other power amps I have tried in the same set up (musical fidelity, arcam, carver etc) the bass is far less extended with the K2, which contributed to the sound feeling a little cold and clinical. This was quite noticeable and does not seem to fit with the frequency range specs on the datasheet. I would have thought the 8hz high-pass filter would not be playing a role in the 20hz range. The control is so good that if the high-pass filter is to blame I would buy amp and have it removed if this is feasible. Can anyone explain this?