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  1. HI I was wondering if i mix my macrotech with xti will there be delay effect or side effects because of the dsp in the xtis?if so how do we fix this?
  2. CROWN MA2400 help

    Thanks I looked inside the amp this a domestic the amp has a small pc board on top of each transformer the wires are soldered directly to them on one side of the transformer all the connections say 220 but on the opossite side bettwen a soldered jumper cables it says 100v can you tell me what i am looking for before i send it in, i send all my stuff directly to you folks soo shipping always get me so before i ship if you can help with what to look at? Well........................... The answer to that is a possible maybe. Here is the catch overseas units were made with multi-tap transformers. So if the unit was an overseas unit it could be changed by changing a few jumpers replacing a few parts and the AC cable. If it is a domestic 220v it should be looked at by a service technician as there was a period of time (don't ask when - it's not documented) during when the 220v domestic units had multi-tap xfmrs. If your unit doesn't have multi-tap xfmrs than the answer is get another amp, for 120v operation. The change over in this case will require replacing both of the main AC xfmrs besides the other parts and will be more than the amp cost in parts and labor. I guess the easiest answer is to get the amp to a service center first for an exact answer but generally speaking the domestic units were not easily changeable. The alternative is to use it on a 220v AC line circuit as it will give you better performance and draw less current than the 120v model. With a 2-ohm per channel load the MA2400, 120v model, would draw around 14 amps while the 220v model would be drawing about 7.6 amps. 5729[/snapback]
  3. CROWN MA2400 help

    HI Sorry if this is in the wrong category but i just bought a used crown macro tech 2400 and it came factory 220volts is there a way to convert it to 120? or can i send it to the factory and have it done and if so any rough estimates? i looked inside and there is no jumpers like some amps have...

    So if that thats case why would any body want the macrotechs over the xti?
  5. HI QUESTION? In plane raw power what difference will you hear between a xti 4000 and a crown macrotech 2402....leaving out the obvious weight,dsp,current draw,usb I currently own several macrotech 2402 like the looks of the new xti but I dont want to make a mistake so please those who haved owned both can you advice me?
  6. SORRY FOR THE TITLE: WE ARE LOOKING AT INVESTING IN XTI4000 NEED ADVICE Hi we recently picked up a turbosound flashlight system wich is a 4 way system we have 8 stacks ( 8 tops and 8 bottoms) I AM think of putting together two racks of crown amps can somebody advice if this looks ok heres the specs on the speakers and what I am thinking on doing each top box has one of the items listed below model turbosound TFS-780H LMF 12" 250 watts rms 500watts program 625 watts peak 8ms HMF 6.5" 100 watts rms 200watts program 250 watts peak 16ohms HF 1" driver 50 rms 100 watts program 125 watts peak 16ohms each low box has one of these item listed below TSW 721 LOW 21" woofer 600watts rms 1200 watts program 1500 watts peak so 1 rack will power 4 tops and 4 lows would consist of HF XTI4000 HMF XTI4000 LMF XTI4000 LOW MA5002vz I KNOW XTi4000 FOR highs and midhi might be a little extreme but i rather have more than what i need and just control the volume .... my thing is will this be enough to get the max out of these speakers to do my shows? I picked xtis because I cant aford more macrotechs I own two already.... so please hepl is this adequate??
  7. ce2000

  8. ce2000

    Hi I am installing some new equipment in a existing install..... MY issue is when ever i crank up the music I can here slight music in the ce2000's like a tweeter inside........ with regular amps this is usualy caused by a short somewhere.....I have tried everything to try to check this out the only way they don't do it is to unplug the outputs.....AND YES I HAVE TRIED Eeverything new runs ,new speakers everything even a speaker right next to it with a small wire!!!! Is this normal for the amps?
  9. crown MA5002vz

    Can a crown MA5002VZ Go bad and destroy speakers? I recently bought a used crown hooked up to new eaw rated 2000watts in a matter of time the speakers fried not peaking the amp or over driving it.... I am afraid to try more since I don't know if it was the amp? is there a way to test the output with a meter?
  10. MA5002VZ Channel Popping

    this is common I have had 3 amps in for service for the same problem all 5002vz I am getting tired of this issue...lucky its a cheap repair about 100.00 dont remember what exactly causes it though
  11. CROWN MA5002vz ISSUES

    here is what the tech said: replace leaky AE brand silver dipped mica caps on the output bd this one was c509 what ever this means?
  12. CROWN MA5002vz ISSUES

    Hi I Have talked about crown for years to all my friends in the field how good and reliable they are ...But now it seems to be letting me down.. I have a 3rd amp going to into service all 3 have been crown ma5002vz what happens is one of the channels for no reason will go into a power cycle mode green to red light over and over ( according to the repair notes they have had there caps replaced and a transitor of some sort) My issue is that I have 3 ma5000 and 3 ma5002vz the amps were bought 3 at a time all 3 of the ma5002vz have failed now...but the ma5000's keep going in the same situation and configuration as the 3 failed ma5002vz's the sad parts all the 3 of the ma5002vz failed months after the just left to crown as we speak...I have been using crowns since 1989 still have original crowns ma3600vz and microtech 1200lx with no is the ma5002vz just this way ? I have A ra number for the crown arriveing end of this week to crown if a tech wants to look to see what causes this? Dave also apreciate any help... the amps are driven at 4 ohms a and we also monitor for clipping our electrical supply is adequate too and grounded correctly all the amps are well cared for cleanfilters all the time and no dents scraches or rust always protected....
  13. trouble with crown ma5002vz

    Hi I have a problem with a crown ma5002vz I bought two units used i don't know the history except there about 3 1/2 years old problem : when powering on the unit both channels go from signal ioc green to odep like normal , but after a second channel 2 keeps switching back and forth between signal ioc green led and red odep over and over.......I looked inside to check fuses and loose connections but everything looks brand new.. I also looked for the 3 red leds on the board inside wich i have read in other threads in this forum.....and my leds on channel two on the board switch from led stby2 (e201) to led dc/lf they go back and fourth ........(((((( the third led wich is output fault led never comes on I hope thats a good thing)))))) I have checked all switches everything is good i have removed the input card and still no change I don't want to hook up speakers until i know whats wrong ......i called crown they say the unit is out of warranty unless i can provide reciept wich i am looking for the original owner right now to see if he still has it since he said he bought it about 2 1/2 years ... please any suggestions we got two huge events comming up for new years I bought crown becuase i had never seen one go down but my luck