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  1. CE2000 and XLS402

    You're the man!! Great!
  2. CE2000 and XLS402

    Bud, you're the man. Everything you stated makes sense. I didn't think about using the Aux 1 for the monitors (yea I know, my green is showing) . I guess this is the first time where I have to run sound instead of just playing the music. I believe you've answered all my questions ( thoroughly!) and know I feel I have a pretty good grasp on it. As you stated, I'll wait and see what's said on the 2ohm thing otherwise I'll pretty much do as you suggested step for step. I can't thank you enough!! Lemme know if your band (or you) are in the Cincinnati area and I'll buy you a beer! Ron
  3. CE2000 and XLS402

    Bud I can't thank you enough for taking the time to go over all of that great information! I understand everything and it all made sense. I have to final questions for you if you don't mind. 1) Why is 2ohms shyed away from if the manufactorer specs for it? Does it have a history of still producing problems? 2) Right now, I have the monitors running of the (High) in the Drive rack, and the mains off the (Mid) with them both crossed over roughly 170hz+. I'm doing this to be able to use the limiter/compressor thats in the Drive Rack. I wil do just as you recommended and get the CE4000 (once I have the $$). Do you think I would be better off letting the subs sit there and wire the Warfe 12's up stereo to the CE2000 to get full power to those speakers? Thanks again Bud! Ron
  4. CE2000 and XLS402

    Hi Bud, thanks for taking the time to respond. For now my mixer is a *cough* Behringer UB1204FX *cough* but when I can get my next wave of $$ to spend I'll be looking to upgrade. For now it does have what I need though. The system now has 4 vocals, bass, and keys going through it. I'll do just what you said about the freq to crossover at. Right now I have the 12" Warfs on sub poles ontop the Warf subs and I have the Yamaha 12" on the floor for monitors. I currently have it setup with the Yamaha's running stereo off the 402, and the Warf 12's parallel off channel one of the CE2000, and the subs parallel off channel 2. I am using BOTH the compressor and the limiter on the DRPA. Thanks again for taking the time to share!! Ron
  5. CE2000 and XLS402

    I'm sorry if I sounded like I was copping an attitude.. I wasn't really. I just know that YOU are the resident pro and I was actually hoping/trying to get your attention. Thank you
  6. CE2000 and XLS402

    Is my question too wordy??
  7. CE2000 and XLS402

    Thanks for taking the time to explain those things. As for your recommendation on the speakers/amps.. which speakers were you referring to? I have two sets of 12's. Currently I have the subs together out channel two on the SE, and the LIX12's together out channel one. I have the SE12's stereo on the XLS 402. How does that sound?
  8. CE2000 and XLS402

    Also to piggyback .. When I was setting up the Drive Rack PA, apparently it has those two amps already in its programming. It also suggested what setting to have the knob at on the amps in reference to gain structure. How important is that to match? I don't feel like I can get enough gain before the amp to get it all loud enough. Thanks again!!
  9. Seems to be alot of knowledge on this board!! Glad to meet you'all! Well, I'm in charge of getting our PA running to its fullest potential . I know what I have, now I just want to know the best way to hook everything up. Amps: CE2000 XLS 402 Speakers: 2 x Warfedale LIX 12 rated at 250w RMS each 2 x Yamaha SE12 rated at 125w RMS each 2 x Warfedale LIX 15SB Subs rated at 600w RMS each. Ok, the first thing I tried was this: Wired the SE12's in stereo to the XLS 402 at 8 ohms. Seemed to work great. Then, reading (incorrectly I NOW know ) the instructions for the Warfedales, the subs had a passive crossover so they could be connected to the tops. I wired each top to the sub, then wired the subs parallel. What I thought was creating 1700w 4ohm load to a bridged mono CE2000. What I now know is.. that I was wiring a 1200w 2 ohm load to the amp. Needless to say, I blew the subs. Luckily for me, they subs were less than a year old, and the manfacturer didn't even ask me what happened and they sent me out some replacements free of charge. (YAY! ) So.. after doing some reading.. upon replacing the drivers in the cabs, I removed the crossovers and wired the speakers directly. I picked up a DBX Drive Rack PA to use for an active crossover and limiter/compressor. Now on to the speakers.. what I thought would be the best way is this. I have 2 LIX12's wired 500w RMS 4 ohms to channel 1 of the XLS402. I have the 2 SE12's wired 250w RMS 4 ohms to channel 2 of the XLS402. And finally I have the subs running stereo 600w 4 ohms on the CE2000. Does this seem like the best way to wire the system? Thanks SO much in advance!