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  1. PZM 30FS

    OK, I removed the cantilever and it does contain electronics. Does the fact that it makes noise and works with the PX-18 mean there's something wrong with it ? Will using the PX-18 hurt anything? Thanks for all your help, Densman. I just had another thought, I have some fluorescent lights in the studio, could that be the source of the noise? The pzm 31s with the PX-18 doesn't have noise but the 30fs has noise without the PX-18 and both are plugged into the same board.
  2. PZM 30FS

    I don't know how it is working with a PX-18 as the PX-18 provides a bias voltage not phantom power to the microphone. It sounds like you either have a PZM that the cantilever, on the mic plate, has been exchanged or the mic was miss marked somehow. I would remove the cantilever, from the plate, and see if there is electronics in it. If there isn't than you will need the PX-18. If there is than you do not need the PX-18. A cantilever that requires the PX-18 will work for a while until the phantom power burns out the FET. 2498[/snapback]
  3. PZM 30FS

    I noticed alot of noise coming from my PZM 30FS, like a hiss or white noise. It was loud enough to raise the VU meters. I thought it must be the cable so I tried a new one. It didn't make any difference, so I tried the PX-18 that I have for my PZM 31s. No more noise and I think it actually sounds better. ??????????
  4. PZM 30FS

    The effort of finding, and registering for, this Forum just paid for itself manyfold. I recently acquired a PZM-30F. Big quandry was sorting out conflicting info between: -- "PZM-30R PZM-30F" document [k80351a6.pdf] which sez: "30R and 30F feature self-contained electronics which allow them to plug directly into a standard 12-48 VDC phantom power supply." AND -- Page 4 of the Summer/04 'Mic Memo' which sez: "The PZM-6S, PZM-6F, PZM-30GP, PZM-30F and PZM-31S are legacy (discontinued) Crown PZM's ... [that] got their power from a Crown PX-T, PA-18 or PX-18 interface ..." So, if I understand correctly... I should keep on using the PX-18's that came with my PZM-6LP's, but I can safely plug the 30F directly into my field mixers [shure FP31 and FP33]. j. p.s: Darned shame -- though understandable -- that the Mic Memo newsletters are no longer issued. Hopefully, as I become more familiar with the 'Crown Forums' I'll discover a way that they can automagically be periodically piped to me in digest form via e-mail. 2466[/snapback] Yes, keep the PX-18 for the 6LP's and the the 30F should be able to be used with no problems directly. 2482[/snapback]
  5. PZM 30FS

    I just bought a used Crown PZM 30FS it is silver in color. I need some info on it. The only info I could find was for a 30F. I thought that maybe the "S' just stood for silver, but there is a difference in size and I see no frequency switch that the 30F has. My main concern is do I need a PX-18 transformer to change the impedence from hi to lo? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Densman