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  1. CTS4200 Shuts Down

    What do the front panel LEDs do? Do they all turn off with the loss of audio? Are the thermal or fault LEDs on? Is the fan running when this happens? Has this behavior been recreated on your bench or is it exclusive to being in the rack (with expected higher temperatures)? Without the answers above, I would suggest looking into the low voltage power supply first. This is mounted above the high voltage supply in the metal shield. I suggest this, as it is the easiest item to evaluate.
  2. Bass Dropout XTI4000

    Is it possible that there is a phase reversal in the wiring somewhere? This would cause the sub drivers to fight each other acoustically. This might be an explaination why it sounds this way only when both amplifiers are running.
  3. IT8000 firmware update

    I beleive ws released with the latest System Architect build.
  4. Xti 6000 Cable error

    1132 is the most recent 6000 firmware. The firmware is different revision series from the 1000, 2000, and 4000 amplifiers. I also believe the 6000 firmware uses a higher revision of Cloader to operate properly. If the 6000 firmware was overwritten by the other model's firmware, it could cause weird issues.
  5. If you could suck all the power out of the battery (Hint 1 = you can't), then there are approximately 2700 watt hours stored in the battery. (As an aside, a 225 ahr 12 volt is referred to as a '8D'. Its usually upwards of 150 pounds.) Assuming there is no power loss in conversion from 12 vdc to 120 vac (there is), then that 2700 watt hour battery would run that 305 watt load for almost 9 hours. A quick check shows that inverters of that power level are in the 70 - 80 % efficiency range, so that 305 watts for the amp costs 435 watts on the battery side. That would bring the runtime down to a little more than 6 hours. Hint #2 - You may have some very bad buzzing from a square wave or modified square wave inverter. The inverter may need to be a true sine wave inverter. If it cost less than a few hundred dollars, its not a true sine wave inverter. You may run into crest factor issues, but that shouldn't hurt your amp. It should just cause your inverter to indicate overload and possibly shut down. I would be interested to hear how this works out for you. Good luck.
  6. Upgrade erro

    The display firmware failed to load. The amplifier realized this and is waiting for a valid file to be received. Send it again and it should be fine.
  7. What gauge speaker cables?

    For solid wire : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_wire_gauge Shows that for an area of 2.5 mm is just under 13 gauge.
  8. CE4000 Pops GFCI

    This is not true. GFCI only trip on an inbalance of Line hot versus Line neutral current. If large start currents tripped them, every hair dryer and air compressor (Bathroom and Garage, both now required) would trip them. More info. http://www.codecheck.com/gfci_principal.htm
  9. Itech

    How old to you is this unit? What version of firmware is installed? Did this start after upgrading firmware? Is there anything that comes to mind that makes this problem more consistent? - Heat? - Leaving the unit off for a long time before powering up? - ....? Thanks, Jon
  10. XTI 4000 Failed

    There is an internal fuse that may have blown. Not sure if this is considered a user replacable part or not...
  11. no usb wire

    Assuming the standard computer end, you would need something like: 3 Foot USB 6 Foot USB 10 Foot USB 15 Foot USB
  12. lockout options

    Hold the right two buttons down for about 6 seconds. During that time, the screen will say locked, it will quit displaying the word locked, and a few seconds later it will say unlocked. Locking is performed by holding the same two buttons down for the same amount of time.
  13. itech Problems

    This started after upgrading to what firmware version? Did these amplifiers exhibit this before upgrading? Curious mind just want to know... Jon
  14. Serial Port

    I currently use the IO Networks Edgeport series for this protocol conversion. The specific model is the Edgeport/ 421 (part number 301-1004-21). These can be found here at http://www.ionetworks.com/products/edgeport.html These cost quite a bit more than what is at Bestbuys or other electronics stores. However, these are more of an industrial solution. The Edgeport 421, gives you a 4 port usb 1.1 hub, 2 serial ports, and a printer only parallel port. The serial port operates up to 230 kbps, but I have never had anything to run over 115.2kbps. They have several solutions from 1 serial port up to 16 per box with assorted options. Make sure you read the specific option for the model you are interested in. Not all of them are metal and not all of them support the odd industrial protocols such as RS422 and RS485. A good overview is in the following pdf: http://www.digi.com/pdf/prd_usb_edgeport.pdf Jon