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  1. Looking for suggestions. Using Itech4,6,8 using the aes inputs. can anyone help. If I am sending out 1K tone at 0db, what should I set my AES/EBU Trim level at? I want maxium input, before clip.
  2. Itech AES/EBU Routing

    Thanks David and Ryan, I will take a look at the routing.
  3. My topic starts with can you route the AES/EBU for the Itech Amplifiers. Here is my situation: I want to use the AES/EBU out of a Yamaha PM5D, Channel 1 master left and channel 2 Master right(my house outputs). I want to go directly into the Itech amps digital, with nothing in between the console and the amps. So far not a problem. Now here is were it gets tricky. lets say I have two amp racks of Itechs. One is for the left side of the PA and the second rack of amps is the right side of the PA. I an using the amps in parallel mode, so what signal comes in on channel one of the amp goes to both output 1 and 2<in Analog mode>. Can I run one digital line out of the console and loop through all the amps, and make the first amp rack (left PA) get only channel one(left) of the aes/ebu to both channels of outputs of the amp, and then only channel 2(right) of the aes/ebu to the second rack(right PA)on both channels of output on the amp?