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  1. Tweak for MT1200

    Thanks for your reply and the info for the fan. I know that the amp doesn't work when the fan is disconnected because I tried it This is how I noticed that the fan was used for power supply. But what I wanted to do is a trick, like a resistor so the amp "thinks" the fan is still there and then put a big silent fan. Anyway don't worry, the warranty expired a long time ago Maybe I should change the amp to another K2 or a DC300
  2. Tweak for MT1200

    Hello, I am not a classical crown user as I use my amps mostly in my appartement I have 2 D75A, one K2 and a MT1200. The MT1200 is used to power the LFE's of my home-theater system. The problem is that during the quite scenes, the fan makes a lot of noise. I'd like to put a 120mm papst fan, but I know that the MT fan also provides some voltage. So what can I do ? Thanks, Greg.
  3. Amplifier Suggestions

    I think depending on the efficiency and the space of the room your choice will be different. I think a couple of K2's would be a good start.
  4. Old Micro Tech 1200 Specs

    Hello, you can get the data sheets of the MT1200 from the Crown website ! I own one of these and it can drive any load till 2 ohms without complain. This is a great amp and yeah specially to drive subs.
  5. Taking the plane with my amp

    PS : these amps are not very fragile right ? thx
  6. Taking the plane with my amp

    Thanks for you advice. Yeah I wanted to try to take it as a cabin baggage but I think you're right, I am going to find a case and put it as a checked baggage. Thanks, Greg.
  7. Hello, I have to take the plan with my K2 amp. I'd like to know if some of you already did that. I am quite worried about security check, last time I was carrying speakers and they opened my case (they left a note). The problem here is that they won't be able to open the amp. So do you have any advice ? Do you think it is possible to take it as a cabin baggage ? Thanks, Greg.
  8. Crown K1 and low power

    Thanks for your reply. I was asking this because there are some "digital" consumer amps I know such as the TACT ones which use a different gain control : The pot actually acts on the power suply voltage of the chip. The higher the voltage is, the higher the power is. I guess I will go with the D45 or D75 because I do not need a lot of power. thanks.
  9. Hello, I am the proud owner of a Crown K2 which I use on the low frequencies speaker of my Hi-Fi system (Fostex + Woofer). I'd like to use a pro (opposed to consumer) amp on the Fostex too and why not a Crown K1 (never tried the K2 on mid and high frequencies but must sound great no ?) but I am afraid it is way too much powerful. So my question is : can we get few power when the gain is very low ? Is the sound quality compromised when used at very low gain ? Is the K1 better or not than a D45 or D75 in the mid and highs if you don't need a lot of power ? Thanks a lot. Greg.