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  1. is anyone familiar with Samson speakers. I was considering purchasing two of these to replace my fried speakers until I can afford better ones. But I want to make sure that I will not just quickly fry these ones too. Shoud I go for this, or would it be better to get one JBL speaker and wait until I could afford the other one. The items that I am looking at are the Samson RS 15 and the JBL JRX 115. They will be run by a XLS 602A amp.
  2. So I hooked my speakers up to a different amp and had the same problem, so I think that it is safe to say that the speakers blew. I knew that they were not the best quality, but they worked quite well at a test gig, so I assumed that they would work out. I will probably have to save up to buy the JBL JRX-115s that are in the diagram in the link Stephane sent. I have not had a chance to test the amp yet to see if there was a problem there too, because I don't have any speakers that can take the wattage. But thank God (or whatever you believe in) for the 3 year warranty on that. Thanks for the help and I will read through the gain structure articles to learn about that.
  3. Then did I do my math wrong. If I have (2) 150 watt RMS (300 Peak) 8 ohm speakers running parrallel on one channel, then shouldn't 600 watts @ 4 ohms be about right to give proper headroom? Perhaps it is the workmanship of the speakers or the crossovers, but for both of them to blow, seems weird to me.
  4. This past weekend, I was playing at a party where I had some of my equipment malfunction and I am trying to find out what happened. I was playing with my monitors really close to my ear, so I didn't hear anything until I took a break to go to the bathroom. When I did, I heard that the main speakers were only playing highs. When I got back behind my rig, there was a funny smell, and the clipping light on my amp was on. I tried turning it off and back on, to see if I had triggered an automatic power off in the speaker, but it didn't fix the problem. Since it happened, I have been afraid to turn it on to troubleshoot the problem because I do not want to make things worse. I thought that I was running proper power into the speakers and I never allowed my mixer LED to go into the red, so I assumed that I would be fine. This is only the second time that I have used this setup, so everything is pretty much brand new. The equipment that I am using are a XLS 6o2A amp with two MTX TP112 speakers running parallel on one channel. Any help that you can provide would be great.
  5. I am considering the DBX 223 crossover. Will that one handle my situation well? Also, I will not have enough cash for the subwoofer for a little while. Is it still a good idea to get the crossover now so that the two main 2 way speakers do not get the lowest frequencies, or should I wait until I get the sub to also get the crossover. If you recommend that I get the crossover now, will the hookup be any different? By the way, thanks for all of the help. I have learned a lot from everyone that has responded to my 3 million questions.
  6. Okay, that makes sense, but if I am not using an EQ, then would I go from stereo out from the mixer to MONO in on the crossover and continue the chain of connection? Also, while I am not questioning the hookup method, it doesn't make sense to me. If I hook up the crossover MONO before the amp, how does it know to distribute only high frequencies to channel one of the amp and only low frequencies to channel two? Apparently, the crossover is smarter than I am.
  7. XLS-402 - JBL Control 5 Plus

    I would recommend working your way backwards. First, make sure that your speakers are hooked up to your amp correctly, and the amp is hooked up to your mixer correctly. If all of that appears to be right, change the speakers. If the speakers are not the problem, try hooking up a CD player directly into the amp. If that doesn't fix it, then the problem is not before the amp, it IS the amp.
  8. Okay, so if I get a crossover and a sub, how will the setup hook up together? Will I be splitting things after the amp and before they get to the speakers? So channel one on the amp would go to the crossover and out to the 2-way speakers and channel 2 of the amp will go to the crossover and then to the sub? Will that cause my amp power to suffer? If so, will it be enough to make it a problem? I am currently giving my speakers good power and would like to keep that going.
  9. So, if I get a crossover, do I still need a limiter/compressor and vice versa? I have an XLS 602 amp where I am running 2 MTX TP-112 speakers parallel on one channel. I am considering either adding 2 more MTX's on the other channel or one JBL JRX 118S. Should I get the crossover, the compressor, or both. Also, for a fuller, crisper sound would it be better to get the two additional 2-way MTX speakers or the JBL sub? I am trying to do mobile djing for small to medium sized events where I would be playing mostly pop, hip hop, and electronica music. Finally, I have an equalizer that I used with my home stereo system. Is that any different from the pro sound ones that you see at guitar center, etc. Aside from the fact that it cannot be rack mounted and it only has RCA inputs, can it still be used with the setup listed above. Thanks in advance. Because of this forum, I went speaker shopping with my dad last week to help and got to tell the salesman that he was full of $h*t.
  10. Yes, it is me with yet another question. I am a DJ and I have a gig next week at a bar that has one of those powered mixer PA systems that are often sold as a package. Attached are 2 Two-way speakers suspended from the ceiling. In my set-up, I have two main speakers running off of their own amp and a set of monitors running off a separate amp going into the main and booth of my mixer. Is there a way to plug into the house sound so that I can take advantage of the additional speakers? Or would it be best and/or easier to just use my own setup? My own sound is pretty good on it's own, but since this is my first gig using this equipment, I am a little worried that it will not be enough. I would like to plan for just in case.
  11. I am having trouble finding a plain English explanation of what a limiter, compressor, and crossover do and why I may or may not need them. I have a basic idea of what the crossover does, but if anyone can give me an explanation or a link to a decent article on the topics I would really appreciate it. I would like to have the best possible sound quality, but I don't want to spend my money on something when I don't even know what it is doing for me.
  12. I am starting to learn a bit more about sound from the suggestions that everyone here is providing me, but I had a question about monitoring levels while doing sound gigs. I was a dj for night clubs and events where once I got a little sauce in me and really got into the groove, I would crank the sound system as hard as I could without any regard for sound quality or the sound tech's equipment. Every time he turned the amp down, I would crank up the volume on the mixer or gain nobs. Now that I am on the other side of things, I would like to curtail asses like me who want to do the same. If I am putting the correct amount of amp power into the speakers, is there a way, short of removing the volume and gain nobs from the mixer or standing over the dj's with a gun, that I can monitor sound levels to ensure the best sound quality and to prevent people from overrunning my equipment from the mixer? Or is this just going to be revenge from every sound guy I *beep*ed off?
  13. Hooking speakers up Parallel

    Thanks for the info. I have read a few articles in the Study Hall and they are great. I plan to continue to read as much as possible to learn what I can. I got a smaller amp that will work for the monitors and will be getting the XLS 402 to run the MTX speakers. I was also planning on getting a case where I could stack my dual deck cd player and both amps. Will there be a problem with stacking these components on top of each other or is there anything that I should look out for?
  14. Hooking speakers up Parallel

    Wow. As a wrote in the first post I am new and I only came on here to learn a little bit. Where did this thing go sour? I got four speakers for dirt cheap (gotta love craigslist), so the main goal is to try to make this work. I know that crown makes great amps, so when I decide to move up, I know that the heart of my system will be okay. That is why I am trying to get a good amp. Personally, I do not like the sound quality of the majority of the middle level speakers, and the MTX's surprisingly sounded the best for their price range. I am not really ready to go out and buy a huge system, just something small so that my friends and I can spin wax at local bars and house parties. I plan to use the MTX speakers as the mains and the Geminis for monitors. I have also considered getting a longer cable and putting one of the Geminis in the back of a room facing inward towards my setup to try to give it more of a surround sound vibe. I am not sure how that will sound, but I will have to experiment. From what it sounds like, most of you are professional sound techs, or just true hobbyists. That is fine, but what good does it do to berate a new guy? I spend all day writing how to books for notaries, and if you had a question on that, I would gladly help you out without making you feel like an idiot. And by the way, I don't know anything about speed boats, so I missed the analogy. Thanks! R