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  1. Need Help Amp Selection

    Thanks for the information. Do you have any opinion on which of my selections would work the best? (one 3600vz or two XS900's) Originally, I was mostly concerned about any possible reliability issues of the XS series, given the erroneous info provided by that dealer. Thanks again!
  2. I am a FOH engineer for a regional rock act and am involved in system design & installation with a local area retail music store. I am fairly old school (4 way JBL system w/ Macro power for our FOH) and have always been very pleased. I am in the process of setting up a small system for a local group. They are using EV 3-way top cabs (one per side) along with a single 18" folded horn sub (one per side). Tops rated @ 300 rms each @ 8 ohms, and the subs rated @ 700 rms each @ 8 ohms. I have already hooked them up with a K2 for the top cabinets. I was thinking of either a 3600vz for the subs, or two (2) XS900 amps running in bridge mode. Here's the question. Which would be best? I don't have any experience with the XS series, and was even told this week by one of your current dealers that the XS series is not made for portable use...but is designed for permanent installs. This didn't sound correct to me...but as I say, I have no first hand knowledge of the XS models. Any help would be greatly appreciated.