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  1. I need to use my XTi2000 to drive 4 RAMSA subs 8ohms each rated at 350W program power. Because it's not recommended to drive those 4 in Bridge-Mono mode at 2ohms, I was thinking of setting it up to either Stereo or CH1+CH2 then connect the low end signal from my outboard crossover output to the Ch1 input and link the same signal to CH2. In essence, a pair of subs at 4ohms total on each channel (800watts on each side). Is this possible? Thanks...
  2. XTI 2000 Question

    Thanks, Bill...I'll get me one of those xlr to xlr patch cable then and try it tonight. Can I do this through Presets or through System Architect.
  3. I just recently bought an XTI 2000 and set it to XOVER to drive two subs in parallel rated at 400watts@8ohm each on channel 1 and two mid/tops at 250W@8ohms each on channel 2. I noticed that only channel 1 level control works and not channel 2 and it controls all speakers. What did I do wrong on my connection or presets? Shouldn't the channel 1 knob control the subs and channel 2 the tos? Thanks...
  4. Question on XTI1000

    Whew!!! Thanks a lot for the clarification, David. Vince
  5. I just bought an XTI1000 amp and tried it over the weekend. I set it at bridge-mono and used it to power my 2 subs 400 continuous power at 8ohm each connected in parallel. The sound was awsome. One thing I noticed though on the amp is that as I increase the volume on my mixer the -20 indicator led on channel 2 lights up telling me that it's getting some sort of signal also. Channel 1 led peaks at the -10 indicator. But when I lower my volume the signal on channel 2 goes away. Is this normal? I was playing some disco music and was impressed with the low end from the subs but this bleeding of signal to the other channel bothers me. Any clarification on this is much appreciated as I am planning to replace my other amp, a Mackie, with another xti. Thanks Vince
  6. Which Amps should I buy?

    Thanks again, David. I just bought the CE2000, in case I need to upgrade my speakers in the future . vincedlc
  7. Which Amps should I buy?

    Thanks David Will the CE1000 be able to drive my 2 Ramsa subs which is rated at 250w rms in bridge mode?
  8. I have narrowed down my choices to either a CE series or XS series to drive 2 WS-A200 Ramsa speakers (250W continuous power rating at 8ohms) and 2 WS-A250 Subs. If both series can do the job, which one is better and which model. Is there a difference quality-wise since one is made in China and the other in the US? I appreciate any help from this forum. Thanks vince