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  1. I need to know what specs tp look at when looking for a pair of full range cabinets to pair with my Crown XLS402.
  2. xls402

    I also forgot to mention I am only using this for sub output and not at full range. I am running thru a Peavey Cosmos, which by the way is probably the best $230.00 investment I've made.
  3. xls402

    Actually I only have this equipment as a hobby. I use it when I have parties at home or if a friend or family member needs a sound system for a gathering. I eventually want to get a new amp for my other speakers. This amp would probably be a good match and I would move up to the XLS602 for my SP118.
  4. xls402

    I can truly see the reasoning for this BM setup per your reply and research I have done on the internet. I truly believe that I got the most bang for my buck by going with this amp. I just wish the place I bought the amp would have been more knowledgable. One question, do you think this is the right amp for my application. I have it bridged going to one Peavey SP118. Power handling for this speaker is 600 watts continuous-1,200 watts program, and 2,400 watts peak.
  5. xls402

    You did not choose the wrong brand you bought the wrong amp! Crown makes the best audio amplifiers in the world. If easy bridge mono is important Crown makes many models that fit the bill. Do yourself a favor, calm down and stay with Crown. No one else comes close.... Down the road you will thank me Bob 2282[/snapback] I am calm now, I went to the place I purchased and raised he**. I think my disgust came more from the lack of help and knowledge from the place I purchased than anything else. If someone would have told me the way this amp had to be bidged I may have bought another Crown amp. Also the fact that I had to go back three times and still could not get the help needed was a pain. But, with the help of some previous post on this forum I have made my 'Y' cable and my amp is hooked up and running fine. But I would once again like to express my feeling in the fact that I cannot understand why Crown chose to make bridging this series so difficult. If they chose this way at least they could manufacture the needed "Y" cable and market it. I would have easily paid an additional $15 to $20 to get the correct cable the first time. By the way the amp sounds great I have it pushing a Peavey SP118 and the bass is unbelievable.
  6. xls402

    I spend plenty of time researching what size and brand amp I was going to buy. I ended up with an XLS402. I have only one question-Does anyone know why Crown would make it so difficult to bridge this amp. You need a custom Y-cable that apparantly you have to make youself and can not just be bought at the place I purchased the amp. I chose Crown because of the years they have under their belts in making amps. But, I want an amp that has an easier set up to bridge. I will do everything under my power to return this amp to the place that I purchased and will never buy another Crown product.
  7. xls402

    Does anyone know the correct way to brigde this amp? I am getting conflicting info between the owners manual and the place I purchased.