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  1. CE2000 Channel 1 is very Low :^(

    The CE-2000 amplifier channel not divided for right-side for ch.1 & left-side for ch.2, but instead the heatsinks near the grille infront is ch.2 & the insides ch.1. The sealing are of silicon which you've seen as transparent white while the other end of yellowish are resin. Try "Y" input of mono-source(equal) to both channels to determint equal sound level, not forgetting to check your speaker's condition. P/S: Check for "cracky" volume pot as well, that might pose a broblem too, if not then I'll suggest you send the amp to Crown for service.
  2. CTS 600

    I had a CTs 600 with blinking light upon power up, it was built September '05 & had all (I think) the required modification updates on it. The blue power LED just flash once then goes off immediately following by blinking Fault LEDs. There's no evidence of blown components & I had pulled out the output devices along with the drivers to check, none are faulty right through the output stage. What could be wrong???
  3. CE-1000 Fan

    Yes, some time it's not the fan that is faulty, possibility on the faulty darlington fan drive circuitry too. I'd suggest you operates the amplifier till it reaches a "warmer state" & observes any fan activity. If you don't see the fan running you can try unplug the fan & drive it with a 24v supply & see if it works, if not then you'll have to send in your amp for repair.
  4. CTS-8200 troubleshooting

    Check Q104 for loose/cold solder on Output Module, also on the drivers Q6 ~ Q11, make sure diodes D114, D115 & fuses F1, F2 are OK. Adjust R134 pot. for bias voltage across R150(30ohms resistor) if required. If I remember correctly the bias voltage should be around 300mV, or you can compare it with the other good channels. Pls note that you may require an extention/riser card or harness to do this for easy sake.