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  1. I was just curious why these amps are nolonger manufactured. I assume they weren't big sellers on account of the price. I was holding out on a new amp purchase till the day I could afford one, but I may have to resort to ebay. Is there a comparable model that is in production now? I had in mind to use it as an amp for my chapman stick. Thanks. Marshall Ross
  2. K1/2 or other amp

    Hello all. I've been playing the Chapman Stick for several years, and bought a Power Base-2 a long time ago. Great amp, but the fan is really loud. This isn't a problem if you're on stage playing with drums, but very annoying otherwise. I'm particularly frustrated when I'm practicing at home. 2 questions: Short of getting a new amp, is there anything I can do to eliminate the noisy fan? If I get another amp, which of your offerings would be appropriate? Needs to support stereo, and rated over 300 watts at 4 ohms, and be as quiet as possible. The K-series appealed to me because it doesn't even have a fan, but perhaps there is something else. Or, maybe the K1 is the ticket. Since the stick spans both bass and guitar ranges, the amp should handle a wide frequency range, but I'm particularly interested in great bass response. Also, how would it fit with the Bag End Bag End INFRA system, and a sub woofer, which is also a potential purchase of mine, though probably a ways off. Thanks in advance. Marshall