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  1. Hi, was given a com-tech 410 that(i was told) works on one channel only(Dual mode).The other channel shows all 3 front LEDS on all the time. Apparently the aithorized repair center told my friend that it would be too expensive to repair. I wonder if that is a valid statement. Anyway, I plan on using the amps working channel to power a horn sub that would be a perfect match power-wise. Am I being a fool to do this?
  2. Oh well, my days as technician are over. I'll be sending it in after Christmas.
  3. Wow, found out yesterday that the fuse holder had lost it's internal spring. I replaced it with one I had lying around and the amp fired up. But, it showed on the front LED that the right channel was clipping and then a very loud pop was heard through a speaker I had connected to that channel. This has caused me to open the amp back up and look closer with a magnifiying glass to see if any thing obvious appeared. I didnt find a cracked circuit board but I have found cold solder joints on one of the two rectifiers. I resoldered those and am going to fire it back up and see what happens. If this doesnt repair the problem I'm sending it in before I create more problems than it origonally had. My electronics training was many years ago so I know just enough to be dangerous, fingers crossed
  4. Hello, first time poster here. I have been given a K2 amp that was dropped by a very unfortunate friend of mine. The amp does not turn on now. He had an electronics shop look at it and they told him that a board was cracked. I don't know why a repair was not done (the amp was owned by the business he works for) but they were going to throw it away. I had him fish it out of the trash and give it to me to look at. Having taken the amp apart I see no evidence of cracked boards but what I do see is the right side power supply board has arched through the insulation mat between the board and the heat sink. Burned a cut in the heat sink pretty good. The main fuse is still good so I am asking your opinion about possible damage that may have occurred to the amp due to this arching. I will send the amp in for repair when money comes available. Thanks.