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  1. We just loaded firmware into an Itech 6000. I just downloaded and installed SA 1.7. when connected it says this amp needs new firmware? is this because SA 1.7 doesnt have firmware in it? and if I hit update then I will go backwards in firmware? where do I get the latest firmware updates for SA so that it is current?
  2. Itech snap crackle pop

    yep.. the problems are still going on.. we have sent many of them back. we get other things too.. sometimes after I play pink noise through the system I'll have one amp continue to play pink noise at a low volume till I power cycle it. we have some amps that will give us a random burst of noise.. it almost sounds like someone slamming a case lid backstage when you first hear it.. then you realize its the PA after a few more times.. if you stand real close to the speaker you can hear some type of static or noise build up right before the pop.. I had a sub amp do this during a show.. that went over real well with the client. I've had almost all these problems happen during shows and it has caused clients to be very unhappy with our nice new digital system. not sure what to think anymore.
  3. anyone else run into itechs that randomly hiss or crackle like a resister problem and blasting pink noise will usually fix it.. sometimes power cycle.. once it goes away it usually stays gone but sometimes will creep back in?? surely I am not alone.. this happens a lot. we have sent some amps into crown and of course they say they cant find a problem. can anyone help or at least confirm that its a problem with the amps and not something I am doing??
  4. I have an it6000 that quits outputing. I can see input on the meters but the output meters show nothing and nothing comes out the speakers. The quick fix is to power cycle the amp and it starts working again. Sometimes it never happens and sometimes it will happen over and over. ever hear of this? I did upgrade and reload the firmware and it didnt seem to matter. Any other fix besides sending it in? Thanks, JP
  5. I see in a post from last oct that someone brought up the no max input gain in the software question. I have been wondering about this too. Seems like a very important feature to be able to get to on the computer. Has anyone figured out where it is, or are there plans in the next upgrade to get it in there somewhere?
  6. Control Software

    but what about the eqs? setting up gain masters seems to be easy enough in iqwic or SA, but now that the new firmware offers input eqs, we need to easliy be able to link all the eqs together to use the software as a system eq. I played with SA for several hours this afternoon and couldnt figure it out. And even more confusing was this... I built a custom panel in SA and had boxes for filter type, gain, Q, and freq. I assigned filter 1 to each thing as needed, it worked and I got channel one filter one all good. But then when I tried to get filter 1 of channel 2 assigned I couldnt find a filter in the object control list to match filter 1 of channel 2. One would think it would be filter 9??? But its not. With Iqwic its just as confusing, whats up with the huge list of type and slot assignment things in the object control list? Why isnt there a list of what is what? I can handle building the eq links from scratch if I can find the filters in the list. But I think since system eq is so necessary there needs to be a way to quickly link filter 1 of every amp channel, and filter 2 and so on. So that you can open any amp and either channel of the input eq and make an adjustment to all the input eqs. I currently use a rack of lake contour and mesa eqs for system eq but if I could do it with just the amps thats one less thing to set up. Then crown could get a smaart overlay happening and it would be as good as the lake stuff. Maybe thats wishfull thinking. But some advice on how to make sense of the filters in the object control list would be a good start.
  7. what would happen if I had 2 or more computer on the same network as the itech amps and more than one of them opened iqwic?