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  1. I am attempting to start a video podcast that will take place for the most part in a gym with other people around. This podcast will have two people hosting it. These people will be moving around and doing different things together and separately. I have no background in audio so please be specific and detailed if you can. I was thinking I need a lavalier but I have no idea what else. I will be using a Sony DV for the video. Do I need something to separate the two voices to put them into the video or can my Mac with iMovie and the Sony DV do this for me? Can you recommend brands and prices that would give me the best quality I would need for the situation. Maybe $ 200.00 or $ 300.00 or the lavaliers. Plus an equal amount for the mixer if one is needed. I'm just guessing on prices but this is the idea i have so far. This wont be a professional broadcast but would like to get the most that I can out of it without spending thousands of dollars on audio equipment. Thanks for your time in responding. Rocky