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  1. XTI vs macro tech and the itechs

    Yes i would like to know more about the xti amps also.Thanks 1bud
  2. XTI vs macro tech and the itechs

    Hi David, Some questions come to mind as far as what trade offs there are between the CE Series and the XTi Series. As far as the CE1000 and CE2000, the fact that the XTi is an Improvement, I have no question about that. But what about the CE4000? Though the XTi's do not have PFC they do advertise that the XTi's do have a "Switch-mode universal power supply" and this let's the XTi's work with any AC voltages. ie. AC Line Voltage and Frequency Configurations Available: 100V, 120V, 220-240V @ 50/60 Hz. This also is why the XTi4000 is shown ONLY at 1600 watts @ 2ohms and 3200 watts in Bridged Mono mode at 4ohms. Yet the CE4000 also with a Switch-mode power supply but with (PFC) Power Factor Correction, has output ratings at equal to or greater than 200 vac as: 1800 watts @ 2ohms and 3600 watts @ 4 ohms Bridged. There are definite trade offs between the XTi4000 and the CE4000! 1) Damping Factor: XTi: >500 / CE4000: >700 2) Switch mode Power Supply: XTi: __?__ / CE4000: w/PFC 3) Filters: XTi: Butterworth / CE4000: Linkwitz-Riley 4) Max output at 200vac+: XTi: 3200 watts / CE4000: 3600 watts 5) CE4000: BCA Technology / XTi4000 ? 6) CE4000: I series Topology / XTi ? Would it have been nice if some of the quality's of the CE4000 could have been kept under the XTi hood and yet still do it in 2 spaces, with DSP, at 17lbs and BCA technology or was it? Though it would then be more of a Baby I-Tech than the XTi is now. I know from your response above that the XTi Series was never meant to have any links to the I-Tech. What makes the XTi tick? David, could you give US some more information on the XTi Series and what is the actual Design of the Amps? What makes the XTi tick? How do they compare to the CE4000? What in the XTi Series besides DSP is better or worse than the CE4000? Then, What will be done with the CE4000, it is nothing at all like the CE1000 and CE2000? Some people that had the baby I-Tech assumption of the XTi's have also thought of the CE4000 now being designed to be a NEW K3 Since I already have a CE4000 Bridged for one Sub cab, should I power my other Sub cab with a XTi4000 or another CE4000? Have the entire CE Series amp line been officially discontinued and / or are any still being constructed? My DriveRack handles the DSP and I did not like the Butterworth Filters on my System. I wish that there were more Filter selections. Of the Crossover Filters available, why was Butterworth chosen? I see more use of Linkwitz-Riley than Butterworth. More Information please. Thanks, Bud PS. David if you can't talk about the XTi's that much, since they have not even hit the marketplace, I understand. Just eager to know more about them. 2993[/snapback]
  3. Hello, Let me start by saying i Love crown and have owned,micro tech2400,ce2000,ce4000 and a macrotech 2400 and the K2 and have been very happy with all of them.Now it is time for something new and i was wondering how the xti series would stack up to the ma and itech series because they cost a lot less than the other two series.Do they give up anything like performance or something to get the cost lowered?Are they madse in the USA?Any info on these amps would be much appreciated.Thanks Budd
  4. K2 Static

    Hello,is there any one out there that can tell me how to get static out of my k2s gain controls ?When i mess with the gain buttons on the front of my amp they is alot of static and some popping in the both channels.i think they are just dirty and need a good cleaning.Please help!i love my k2 thanks curtis