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  1. I-Tech 4000 versus K2

    Hi all, Thanks for the replies.....I was hoping to get someone from Crown to give me a more specific response! Furthermore, I must add that when doing the comparison with the K2 versus the I-tech 4000....I went a step further.....I bridged mono the K2 hence giving me 1500 watts in 8 ohms and compared that to a stereo channel of the I-tech 4000 which gives 1250 watts in 8 ohms. Hence K2 bridged mono on 1 speaker (left channel) and I-tech 4000 stereo on 1 speaker (right channel). To my ears the K2 with a difference of 250 watts in 8ohms...was much louder! How could this be??? Someone from Crown help? Thanks, Angelo
  2. Hi to all, Just to let everyone know, I've always used Crown amps and will continue to use them. My problem is this....I recently purchased a pair of JBL SRX715's (800 watts RMS in 8ohms)....originally I thought I could power them using a Crown K2 (500 watts in 8 ohms stereo) in stereo......I'm a mobile DJ....hence I play top 40's music....sometimes such music can be very bass heavy. The few times I've used the K2 I found that it would peak rather quickly...hence I purchased an I-tech 4000 (1250 watts in 8 ohms stereo) believing that it would have enough power to drive these speakers. To my amazement.....I've found that the I-tech 4000 was not more powerful....peaking at the same levels, I use a mackie 1402vlz pro console. I even compared the k2 versus the I-tech 4000 in my warehouse (a side by side comparison) in stereo and found that the difference was so minimal that I've come to the conclusion that the I-tech 4000 does not have 1250 watts per channel in 8 ohms stereo. Both amps were driven at 1.4 volts with gain set to maximum with no processors...straight power. And AC power from the wall is 120volts....15 amps (AC should not be the problem) I've only just purchased the I-tech 4000....hence is there something i'm doing wrong??? I'm relying on my technical instruments. Any help would be appreciated! Angelo