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  1. Hello. I just purchased 3 Crown 402b amps to power my home theater! I'm very excited. I will be using a Harmon Kardon 435 as the pre/pro and they have RCA pre-outs. so I need to buy a RCA to XLR cable. I'm getting this question however from the cable guy i use: We can do these; however, as there's no standard pinout, we'd need to know how you'd like them wired. Pin 2 of the XLR normally goes to the center pin of the RCA, but the RCA shield can be connected to pin 1, pin 3, or both. The best way to figure out what to do here is to ask the manufacturer of the equipment at the XLR end of the chain what is recommended for a balanced-to-unbalanced connection. any idea? thanks guys! Jim