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  1. RTA-2

    David! Thank you for the RTA-2 manual!!!! I can't believe how much you and your team are good at your work. You rule, definitely. Amedeo Italy
  2. Crown DC 300a - lighted rocker switch

    Thank you very much, guys. Your help has been much appreciated. I'll try to rebuild someway the fried parts and get a new light, since the red lens are mint. Amedeo
  3. Crown DC 300a - lighted rocker switch

    Thank you, Bob. I always try to keep things as original as possible, so I'd have considered to rebuild the original switch, but this time seems almost impossible, since the lower part of the switch (where the light is housed) has melted! But I'll be very happy if you can tell me what kind of 'small neon' lamp have you used to replace the burned one (please keep in mind here in Italy we do not have Radio Shack). Thanks again.
  4. RTA-2

    That's great, David! It'll be much appreciated. Also bad photocopy scans will do well. I know it's a lot of pages: if the file gets very heavy and it will not be possible to put it on line without editing it, let me know if it's possible to receive it via email, or in any other possible way. Thanks a lot, really. Amedeo Bruni - Italy
  5. RTA-2

    Thank you very much, David, but it's just a simple brochure of 4 pages, not the full detailed manual. Thanks anyway. Amedeo
  6. RTA-2

    I'm looking for the Crown RTA-2 manual. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hello everybody. I'm from Italy, and I'm looking for a replacement of the red lighted rocker switch of my beloved DC-300a. I've been looking at it for ages, asked everybody here in Italy, and visited countless on-line stores, but unsuccessfully. If someone here can help me, with info where to find it, please please contact me or post here. If someone has to sell, me one, used or spare, it would be great as well. Of course, I'll be willing to pay all the asked money to get one. Thank you so much. Amedeo Bruni