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  1. Yesterday, while I was visiting the site. I noticed that they are no longer carrying the Crown Macro-Tech line. Parts Express claims that the Macro-Techs are discontinued. Is it true, that crown is discontinuing the Macro-Tech line? And if that is the case, then is it too late for me to get my hands on a MA-2402? What’s the low down on this? Ancient Audiophile
  2. What is an abnormal amount of DC voltage in the output signal?

    Well, wouldn't you know it? It's just my bad luck. I pulled the amplifier with the 0.599V DC output from my rack and was about to take it to a Crown Authorized Service Center, then the problem mysterious disappeared. But, now the problem has started up in my other bridged-mono mode D-75A. Since, these problems appear to be intermittent in more then one amplifier. Is there something that could come loose that could be creating these DC outputs? Or could this problem be unique to D-75's set up in bridged mono mode? Other, then moving a jumper between "Dual" and "Mono", is there anything that requires any adjustment then switching an amp over to "Mono" mode? I have a third D-75 that is set up in Dual mode feeding a pair of JBL 2405 UHF drivers and I have not had any DC voltage problems yet. As a side note, the crown D-75A & JBL 2405 combination hard wired together is really a match made in heaven. Wow, what a great sound! Well, until I can get this DC voltage problem resolved, I have installed some DC blocking capacitors in series with the JBL 2446h voice coils for protection. Even though these are fairly large capacitors (Solen 82uf Polypropylene), the damping is not as good as when the drivers are directly driven. So, I really would like to get this problem resolved. Thanks for your help, Ancient Audiophile
  3. Hi Crown Audio Personal I just found out while visiting the Lansing Heritage Forums ( that Crown has discontinued the K series amplifiers. I am really sad to see this line discontinued, because the K series is the only really high powered amplifier that does not have a cooling fan. Personally, I am using a K2, K1 and 3 D-75s amplifiers for my home stereo. And now I am kicking myself for not picking up another K2 a few months ago, for a future sub-woofer project. Without the noise of a cooling fan and a tremendous amount of power, the dynamic range of my system could not be achieved without the K series amplifiers. I know that Crown got out of the "home audio" market, what about 20 years ago. But, the K series did fill a very real need in the "home audio" market. It is my hope that Crown will someday create a new "Fan-Less" product line in the 200+ watt/channel power range. Sincerely, Ancient Audiophile
  4. I am currently using two D-75A amplifiers wired in bridged mono mode to power a pair of JBL 2446h compression drivers. I recently noticed that one of these amplifiers was producing a single "click" sound during startup. I have traced the cause of this "Click" sound to be a constant 0.599 volt DC output voltage. The other D75A amplifier produces only a 0.001 DC output voltage and it does not produce a "click" during startup. Since, the 2446h driver produces 110db/1watt/1meter, I am sure that a 0.599 DC output voltage would probably go unnoticed with lower efficiency drivers. But, considering the high cost of the JBL driver, I am concerned. Am I just being overly picky here or should I contact a Crown Authorized Service Center and have the amplifier looked at? Ancient Audiophile
  5. D75A - noise

    Hi David Unfortunately, I have the same problem with my three D-75A amplifiers. A faint, 60 hertz mechanical buzzing sound coming from the AC transformers. I thought about popping the bottom cover and wedging a small piece of foam rubber between the transformer and the bottom cover. Is this a good idea? Or am I just buying a whole lot of trouble with heating issues? Oh, I am sure your wondering what am powering with a K2, K1 and three D-75A amplifiers. For now, my system is a 15" quad amplified 4-way. But, eventually I will get around to adding the sub-woofers. Just go to the following site and read a complete description of what I am building. Thanks
  6. D-75A and Green Leds ?

    I recently purchased three D-75A amplifiers and I am curious about just how much power is being sent to the speakers when the “Green” signal present turns on? This is something that is not published in the owner's manual. I am using one in dual mode to feed a pair of JBL 2405H UHF drivers (8 ohms) and two in bridged mono mode to feed a pair of JBL 2446H High Frequency Compression Drivers (8 ohms). So, I would like to know the power output for both modes. The only thing that I can say about this combination of Amps and Drivers is that it gets deafeningly loud, long before the “Green” LEDs start to flash dimmly. Wow, does it sound sweet...
  7. K-Series Noise Gate?

    Thanks DGlass! That explains a lot. Since, I am using an array of 5 Crown amplifiers for my home stereo. I must be using so little power that the K series amplifiers are cycling in and out of sleep mode between songs. Next time, I fire up my stereo I will may more attention to the time periods. If my K series amplifiers are set for 6 seconds, then I will definitely look into having the sleep circuit adjusted.
  8. K-Series Noise Gate?

    Are there Any Noise Gates or Signal Processors inside the K series amplifiers? The reason why I am asking this question is that when I ran some test tones through my K1 and the signal would cut out after a few seconds. At first, I thought that there must be something wrong with my K1 amplifier. But, when I performed the same test on a brand new K2, it did the same thing. Also, I have noticed that after a few seconds of silence, the faint level of background hum drops. Can some one give an explanation as to what is going on?