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    thanks you guys, you confirmed my thought.
  2. we got 2 subs of 4 ohms each. each can handle 1000 watts. i wanna know if you guys recomend running one ce 2000 bridged with the 2 ohm load of both of the subs connected. (the ce 2000 is not rated for a 2 ohm load when bridged, but neither does it say that it can't handle it)
  3. iTech problem

    hey guys, what's up? ok here's the thing, we got an iTech 4000 that's messing up, just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem. When we turn the amp on, it's silent(very) all good, the amp has two srx725's, one on each channel, and we had no inputs on the amp(no connections to it). So we give it a few seconds, and we start hearing noise, like pink noise, coming from the speakers, but there's no input signal to the amp what so ever!!! it gets up to a considerable loudness then it goes POP! and goes silent again.... a few seconds later it happens all over again. it got me worried about the speakers. the thing is, after it warmed up, the problem went away. we used it full force and it delivered. we've had the same problem before, with the same amp, took it to a crown certified place to look it over, and they replaced the motherboard, therefore we had a kinda "new" amp. don't know what the problem is, but we are gonna have to use our warranty on it, REPLACEMENT!!! - LOVE THE AMP, absolutely love it. just gonna replace it with a real new one. (the problem happened on factory settings, no messing with the iQuik, and firmware is up to date)
  4. all i can think of is that maybe you have the average power limiters set below the rating of the itech you got; or maybe the compressor set too high. or the limiters on the output below zero(in this case -10dB): these are the ones to the sides(colored red) of the attenuators. (All this within iQwic) other than this it does seem abnormal to me.
  5. while you're on this whole bi-amp thing: what's a good power ratio for a three-way system? what I mean is like if you have a 4000 watt amp for the lows, how much power would you need for mids as well as for the highs?
  6. IT 4000 Clip Indicator

    we had a similar problem with a 4000, it showed the signal in but it produced no sound. the worst thing that happened is that we were scheduled to play and were sound testing and the amp was fine, but then the breaker the amp was on gave up, so we shut down everythng and when we turned everything on again...wa-la, signal in, no sound what so ever. We had to rush back to our place, and get a 6000 we had there. We tested the amp the next day and it showed signal in, but produced no sound. So next, we took it to a crown certified place and they held it there for a week and returned it to us working...the thing is they told us that they did absolutely nothing to it, that it had been working fine. So we take it back...test it...and it is working...Next gig we're sound testing again and what do you know...the baby starts acting up again...signal in, NO sound. Again we take it to the certified place and test it with them...signal in, No sond. They held it there for about A MONTH AND A HALF and they finally return it to us fully working. Apperently, they tested everything, couldn't find the problem, called crown, crown said the main board on the amplifier was screwed up, so they replaced the main board, practically giving us back a different/new amp. Since then, the amp has been fine, but the whole problem was deffinitly a pain in the rear. If you noticed, i said we had a 6000, this amp was fine, have had no problems what so ever since purchase. I noticed one difference between the 4000 that was acting up and this amp, this 6000 had a more recent 'software' in it. I believe the 4000 had the 1.2something and the 6000 has the 1.3something. So perhaps the problems lie there, you should try upgrading the '----ware' , i can't tell you it will work but it's worth a try. I wonder if you guys at crown have found that the early i-Techs have this problem, or if it is a factory problem, or whatever because i've been hearing about this problem from several i-Tech users.
  7. I-Tech 6000 and SRX728

    Sweet, all and all, you're right, the i-Tech is a *beep* of an amp to beat. So check it out, till now, I've been running the small system with one 4000 for highs and mids, and a 6000 for lows. The thing is, I've been running the 4000 on a pair of SRX725s on passive mode, so right now it's a two-way system: iT4000=>highs&mids(725s on passive mode) iT6000=>lows(728s.) I wanna go three-way now(725s on bi-amp), so i need some suggestions on an amp that would be compatible with the following systems: suggested amp=>highs(725s) /////// 1*4000=>mids(725s) \\\\\\\ (1*8000)+(1*6000)=>lows(728s) OR suggested amp=>highs(725s) /////// 1*6000=>mids(725s) \\\\\\\ 2*8000=>lows(728s). These systems would be runnig 2*725s and 4*728s. (note, i'm using the processors on the iT's for crossover,therefore,I would like NOT to have to get one) Also, need some suggestions on the sequence of three processors: maximizer,EQ,enhancer. What should go 1st,2nd,3rd in the chain? Anyone out there please, you're suggestions are greatly appreciated, THANKX!!!
  8. I-Tech 6000 and SRX728

    i understand perfectly what you're saying, though you didn't answer the question: i-Tech = power, or i-Tech = quality?
  9. I-Tech 6000 and SRX728

    Just to go a bit farther on this, I recently played side by side with a dj and he had some small amps, his total power reached no more than 4500 watts and I was running with one i-T4000 for mids-highs and one i-T6000 for lows... and both systems sounded just as loud . I know 'loudness' has to do with shape/size of the room and other factors; but I did notice one thing, the clarity of my system was way, way out of the reach of his and I only had a straight up mixer-eq-amp set up and he had all kinds of processors. What I'm getting at is this, does the higher rating/headroom on the i-Techs mean more power(loudness) or better sound quality? (My guess is it should be both) *PS: what's the use of the little sine generator icon on IQ?(I mean what does it do?)
  10. I-Tech 6000 and SRX728

    thanks guys, this makes much sense.
  11. I was just experimenting with the positioning of a set of 728s powered by an I-Tech 6000. I'm using the DSP in the I-Tech, well bottom line is that when I set the subs vertically, it seems I lose bass . I do not belive it has anything to do with the amp, any thoughts?
  12. i-Tech configuration

    sweet, thanks man. i guess this are the settings everyone is going by since there have been no other posts. cool, til next time
  13. i-Tech configuration

    I thought some dbx driveracks had some presets for the SRX's, but wasn't sure. Thanks for the heads up. One thing though, i don't own one and i'm not planning to either 'cauze i think(and was told) you can do much with iQwic without having to spend more on a driverack. Anyone else that has programmed their i-Tech's to use with the 725's and 728's, your input is much appreciated.
  14. zup everyone out there!! (first post) ok, so i know i'm not the only one using i-T's with the SRX700s. The thing is, i wanna configure one i-T6000 to run a pair of 728s, and one i-T4000 to run a pair of 725s from iQwic; it's my firs time working with both(iTech's and iQuic). So what i'm asking from you is for configurations that you guys have tried that result in power that just makes you go . Does anyone else think it's about time that JBL puts out some presets, like in the Vertec's case? All suggestion are more than welcomed. Thanx