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  1. The other night, when I was powering down my rack of I-Techs, my finger pressed the Menu/Exit button of the I-Tech 4000 by accident--that is, I was not intending to press the Menu/Exit button. The LCD screen then went blank. The back light for the LCD was still lit, but nothing was displayed. The usual Attenuation screen was gone. Pressing any combination of the 3 buttons does nothing. I tried power cycling the amp several times, but no change. When powering up, the initial Crown screen was displayed for a few seconds, then the LCD goes blank. I was unable to check out if the amp was still operational because the console was already powered down. So, I don't know if it is still working. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Should I reset everything back to factory settings? If so, how do I reset everything? Will that restore the menu system screens to the LCD? I have a show this next weekend so I am already starting to sweat--I hope I don't have to pull the amp out of the rack and send it back for repair. It only has about 20 hours of use on it. Thanks, -Andres
  2. Thank you for the quick response--I found it all. -Andres
  3. A while back, I purchased an I-Tech 6000 and then a few months later purchased an I-Tech 4000. I installed the IQwicf software from the CD that came with the I-Tech 6000. When I do a Discovery, I can see the I-Tech 6000 OK, but for the I-Tech 4000, I get an "No OIF file" error. Last week I called your support line and mentioned this problem and was told that this was probably an incompatibility with the different software versions. I have two CDs, one with IQwic version 7.12 and one with version 7.2.0. On this forum I have seen a reference to version 7.2.1 so I am assuming that I do not have the latest version. What is the latest IQwic version that will work with both of my I-Techs? I assume that it is available for download from your web site. If not, how can I get an update? Thanks, -Andres
  4. By Muting the Meter I meant that you could visually see that the channel was indeed muted in that the meter showed no signal. Thanks for the answers--that has helped allot. -Andres
  5. I have a couple of questions. Clicking on the component image (I-Tech 6000), then Control Panels-Open Standard, then expanded to the Signal Path Tab, I can access both the Input and Output Sections. On Input Section: What is the difference between "Analog Input 1 Peak Input Level" and "Input 1 Peak Input Level" ? On Output Section: What is the difference between "Channel 1 Output Level Fader" and "Channel 1 Output Attenuator" ? What is the difference between "Channel 1 Peak Output Level Meter" and "Amplifier Channel 1 Output Peak Output Level Meter" ? Are each of these really the same respective control or is there a subtle difference between then? I have setup controls for a mute button and both peak input and average input. However, my Mute button only mutes the peak meter and not the average meter. How can I assign it to both the peak meter and the average input meter? On Peak Input meter I can set the Peak Detect to an Infinite Hold Time. This is working fine. Is there a control available that would allow me to setup a trigger button that would allow the user to reset the Peak manually or "clear" the Peak Indicator after it has reached Peak? Thanks for your help. Working with this IQ software is really fun but I am struggling with the learning curve. -Andres