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  1. XTI Series 2000

    Same issue with a factory b-stock amp I just bought. How do you reload the firmware? Can't seem to find detailed instructions witha quick look... NEVERMIND... found it!
  2. Can someone please point me to a schematic for a CE2000? Thanks!
  3. G'day! I have seven CE2000 amps (they are great!). One of them failed at a gig on the weekend. Visible symptom was major overheating due to fan not running (heatsinks are now slightly discoloured). The fan tested OK so I pulled the main board and visual inspection shows there are two resisters (R7 and R1) fried with charring of the PCB underneath. I'm a somewhat capable repair hacker (I have an ancient electrical engineering degree) but I'm wondering if it's even worth trying to do a trace and repair. Has anyone else seen this fault before? Is it worth the time and effort to find the schematic and have a crack at fixing it, or is it easier/cheaper to just get a new main board? Any advice appreciated... Thanks! Laurie.