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  1. Cable Wire

  2. Cable Wire

    Need cable wire for about 100 feet using 6 -gauge or 8 according to the crown manual to connect speaker. Where can I buy some?
  3. I just got my ce2000 and I want to parallel connect my speakers in bridge mode(sP118 and sp2 by peavey ) what output do I use and what kind of cable is needed? Also, I guess I would just piggy back the speakers from the sub to the 15 or vice-versa correct? I'm really confused? the speakers handle 1000w(15)and 1200w(18) respectively I trying to get the most out of the amp by bridging( I think) without buying another one help, please
  4. Processors and effects?

    Don't know it exactly what I want to do, except have a great live sound( bar setting). I guess the other problem I have is that I don't know what a crossover is used for and its functions, along with the other processors? Is there a site that explains its functionality in relationship to the amps and speakers? thanks
  5. I have two crown ce2000: 1) pushing two 1000 watts cabs and the 2) pushing two 1200 watts subs. That's all I have, the question is what do I need in terms of effects and processors(if I need any at all)and where do I put them in the wiring configuration?