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  1. I have a Bss prosys ps-8810cn at home to my diy speakers and i have a question about it. I want to feed the ps-8810 digitally from my cd player and squeezebox and use 8810 as a preamp. Is it possible to use a pot and connect it in the Db37 to get a volume control ? mats
  2. I have borrow a D 70 from a good friend to hear how they sounds and i really like what i hear from it. But when i power it up and power it down there is a bump in my speakers. What can be wrong ? mats
  3. I have 4 K2 in my home cinema together with one Qsc plx 3402 and a 5 channel Hypex ucd 180 amp. And i can really recomend the K2 to you, even the Qsc plx series if you disconnect the fan. mats
  4. I recently bought 3 K2 amplifiers with some scrathes on the front to my home cinema. Does anyone know if it`s very expensive to change the frontplates and if it´s difficults to do it by my self. If someone is looking for a amplifier to your stereo or cinema i strongly recomend K2. regards mats
  5. Hello That sounds very good too me . Thank´s DGlass. Regards mats
  6. Hello outhere, i became member today at this forum and i´m from Sweden. I´m looking for Studio reference amplifiers most model 1. But in sweden i can´t find any eccept new ones (VERY expensive :angry: ). So now i wonderer if it´s easy to change the us 110v model to 220v model ? I´m building a home cinema with 5x2" horndrivers, in fronts and center i have 2x15" and for rears 1x15". As subs i have 4x18" drivers so it rocks pretty well . Regards mats