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  1. DC 300 - low output

    Thanks guys, it's great knowing that my *new* amp is just fine. I appreciate all the help and responses, please have a great Christmas. Hamilton
  2. DC 300 - low output

    Hey Bob, thanks for the reply. Here's what I have working, it's pretty simple. I have built some crossovers from JBL's nL200t3 schematic for the home theater surrounds and I'm running a CD player straight into the DC300 for testing. But the SPL is low enough that the tests are really not that valid; only about 70 db pink noise. So I reinstalled the Hafler 1500 (75 watts per channel) and it cranks out easy 90 db pink noise. Maybe you're right about the frontend of the DC300 being padded down compared to home audio/studio stuff.... Unfortunately, the CD player does not have an output adjustment. Thanks for taking the time, Hamilton
  3. Hi, I have purchased a DC300 on eBay that seems to have really low output. There are no issues with hum or noise and the audio quality is very good. But...this thing is getting trampled by a half-sized Halfer 1500. The label on the back says "120 volts" which is correct for where I live. Thanks for the help, Hamilton
  4. DC 300

    Hey David, thanks for the reply. The seller told me he picked this up at an estate sale, apparently on older couple who had this hooked up to some Altec Lansings. Well, he died some time ago and she's finally cleaning house. I was told that the amp probably hasn't been turned on for at least 10 years, so when I get it home I'll bring it up slowly with a variac. Thanks for the help, Hamilton
  5. DC 300

    Hello. I am new to Crown amps but just won a DC 300 on eBay, the amp can be seen here : DC 300 Are there any upgrades that should be done to this particular unit? Any idea on the year it was built? Thanks to all, Hamilton