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  1. Crown ce2000 and Ma2402

    It's used for a wkend old rock/blues etc. band-We are as old(older) as the music! Ha!-Thanks!
  2. Ma2402 in parallel mono?

    Thanks so much for your reply and help! I understand now. What then does running the amp in stereo mode do with a 1/4" to xlr jumper between the out of channel one into the in of channel two do? With a 4ohm cabinet on channel one speaker output and a 4ohm cabinet on channel 2 speaker output is this a 2ohm load with both channels of the amp driving the load? Or is this the same as running a stereo out? It's still a mono signal into channel one and then the cable out of 1 into channel 2 in. Is there a power advantage or disadvantge to this--This will clear everything up for me! I promise!
  3. Hi I have tried to read and find out and must be overlooking it somehere. I read how to hook my 2402 in parallel mono with the jumper wire between the red posts and hooking the speaker up on the red/black post and channel 2 turned down. If i am hooking 2 speakers onto the back of the amp do they both go into channel one's speaker outputs-(piggy back bannana plugs) or would one go into channel one and one into channel 2 speaker outputs ? What is the power output (watts)this way running 2 - 4 ohm cabinets and is this a no-no!? One other scenario--running a mono sub signal into channel one and running a 1/4 to xlr balanced cable from channel one to channel two and running two 4ohm cabinets this way with channel one and two knobs both being used on the front and hooking one speaker on channel speaker output and one speaker on channel 2 output witht the amp in stereo mode, What is the power output(watts) this way? is this another no-no? I have a friend who has been running his this way for awhile now on 2 jbl sr4719x's???
  4. Hi- I know you have answered similar post a hundred times i'm sure but some great advice will be greatly appreciated once again--I have 2 ce 2000's and 1 -ma 2402 along with a xls-602. I was using 2-ev sb180 subs (8ohm) each on the 2402 bridged. I was using 2-ev T-251+'s also 8ohm cabinets (400 watts) subs are 600 watts each. I was running the t-251's in stereo mode with one ce-2000. I'm running mono into a ashley passive crossover with the tops full range and crossing over at 80 hz. The other ce2000 and xls-602 are running monitors(4). I had a chance to buy 4 new speakers at a great deal due to jbl discontinuing the srx series. I bought 2 nos. sr4731x's(2-12's/horn/1200watts) and 2 nos srx4719x's(2-18's/1200watts) Great deal till now i'm way underpowered but have used the system with the amps i have but now must make a big decision on what to add or sell to make my setup work right on the least amount of current draw from clubs. we are a old rock/blues/wkend band with above average outboard gear so? Do i start from scratch or? I would love to get at least 2 i-tech 4000's but not sure if i can swing them right now but?? I could add another 2402 and bridge one each on the subs but that adds more current draw-Bridge a ce-2000 for each top and add another small amp for 2 monitors. Will the ce 2000's work for the tops and concentrate on getting the subs right or should i get another 2402 and use them on the tops and buy new amps for the subs and use the 2-ce2000's on the monitors. Sell the ce2000's and 2402 and get 2 itech's if anyway possible??? Sorry for the long post but wanted you to know as much as possible about what i'm dealing with. It seems that everyone says the 2402's need the most current to run at there best and that seems to be a problem in most places we play though we don't trip breakers but i know we compromise the current going to the poweramps!!--Thanks so much in advance!!!